War Eagle

The ice began to melt and a realization set in- today was the day… National Championship day and my husband was so excited. His Auburn Tigers would play in a National Championship game, their first NC title since 1957. How exciting! Sunday, we worried about the prospect of losing power due to the heavy icy precipitation. We hoped that wouldn’t be the case since that would mean listening to the game on the radio. However, it was clear on Monday morning that we would have no problem watching the game.

We all donned our orange and blue. Yep, even me. We love to see that sweet daddy happy and this sure put a smile on his face!

 Trying to set the camera up to take a self-timer family picture… I got this one and she is just too cute standing up like that. Makes me smile :)

Oh, and Sunday evening Allen was supposed to be putting Braylen in her pajamas but he apparently got a little sidetracked. I died laughing when I saw this huge bow sitting right in the middle of her head. We have some things to teach him. 

 I’m quite sure no one else would be able to get away with playing in front of the game, just this one…

 She loves the big screen in the basement…

 Daniel and Ashly came over to watch the game with us and we had such a fun time watching the game and talking…

 And the rest is history. Auburn took home the title of the 2010 BCS National Champions. It was a great game and it made me a little too nervous at times, but Oregon just wasn’t a match for Auburn! I was pretty excited to see another team from Alabama take home the title, keeping it in the state.

Looking forward to another unpredictable football season next year. Who knows what will happen, but I’m sure that it won’t disappoint. 

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