11 Months

Braylen Kate,
I woke up this morning and really could not believe it was already the 13th. This past month has truly gone by quicker than any of the others in the past. I hope its only because of the busy-ness last month brought. Friday was my last day to teach so now I’ll get to spend my days with you and I couldn’t be more happy. There’s something wonderful about a routine and relationships with people that you work with and its nice, it really is. But staying home with you? It doesn’t even compare. I can’t believe that we are on the heels of your first birthday, seriously where did these last 11 months go? On the other hand, this stage is so fun and exciting and you are constantly learning new things and changing. One thing is for sure, we love watching you grow. You have quite the personality, happy and sweet. You never meet a stranger. And that strong will that I talked about last month? It’s definitely become stronger. You know what you want and what you like and as long as you’ve got it then everything is okay. :)

I know I always say this but I can’t believe how much we love you. You can always make us smile.

And we are definitely outgrowing the bear…

At 11 Months:

  • Wearing a size 3 diaper and you weigh about 19 pounds. You are still long and skinny. Most people describe you as “petite” and thats fits just right, you are so dainty and girly and your mama loves that! 
  • You crawl so fast. Your favorite thing to do is crawl out of sight and sit and wait on us to crawl after you. You are constantly on the go! You aren’t walking just yet, but you are standing on your own. 
  • You love to eat vegetables and you don’t eat anymore pureed baby foods. You love snack foods you can pick up with your fingers like Cheerios, Crackers and mini-goldfish. 
  • You are so funny and dramatic. You definitely let us know what you want and don’t want or what you like or don’t like. 
  • Your vocabulary is so big!! You repeat many words that we say and you have mastered words like Mama, dada, book, ball, Coco, ba-ba, bye-bye, bite and no-no. We’ve been working on thank-you and you say it sometimes if prompted. Word has it your mama had the same vocabulary when she was your age, you might be quite the talker :)
  • You love to play with your toys , especially balls.
  • You take two good naps a day and sleep through the night. Our problems come when we try to put you to sleep. Once you are sleeping everything is fine.
  • You wear some 9 month clothes, some 6-12 months and your long legs have meant that we need to move up to 12 month sleepers. We are actually on the verge of moving into 12 month clothes as well. 
  • Your hair seems like it grows over night. Every morning it looks thicker and longer. It has even started to curl up in the back. 
  • You love music and that’s the only thing you care about watching on television. YOu love for your daddy to play the guitar of the piano and if he leaves his guitar out, you crawl over to it and say “da-da”
  • You eat cereal and fruit for breakfast, some type of vegtables for dinner and 5-5oz bottles a day. You snack on things in between. You love water and won’t drink juice.
Looking back this month seems like she has changed so much. Her hair is getting longer and she’s really starting to look like more of a toddler than a baby. And she is also looking more like me than ever, pretty much identical to my baby pictures. Crazy!
And because its just too funny I have to show you how much she loved sitting still to take her pictures…

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  1. says

    She really does look just like you in that first picture! She also has changed so much since her 10 month picture! I can’t believe she is saying so many words – she’s definitely smart!

  2. says

    So sweet! Time absolutely FLIES by, that is for SURE!!

    By the way, Mills wore his St. Patty’s Day shirt today and we just loved it and got so many compliments. I was going to direct people to you in my blog post today but I wasn’t sure if your website was up and running yet and you seem to be super duper busy, but I just wanted you to know it was a hit! :)

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