14 Months

Braylen Kate,
I was thinking the other day about the way time elapses so quickly. Truly, I’m not at all concerned with you getting bigger. Each day brings more personality, more interaction, more smiles, more words, I could go on and on. What concerns me is the rate in which the time passes. I love each stage that life brings us, but if it wanted to slow down some I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. So many times I find myself clinging to little things like wanting to rock you to sleep, not knowing when you’ll be over it and done. That’s the personality you have… without warning you are on to the next thing. Most of the time I feel like I’m clinching sand within my fist. I just can’t hold onto it tight enough, its slowly passing though. I won’t get all sappy on you. I can’t. When I think of you I think of that enormous personality you have. The one the prompts strangers to comment on how happy you are. You always oblige them with a “hey” or “thank you” It’s not often that you meet a stranger, your quick to draw anyone in with those big blue eyes and that infectious life. You child, are simply amazing and we can’t get enough of your superstar personality.

At 14 Months:

  • You still wear a size 3 diaper, are just beginning to fill out some 12 month clothes and I would guess you weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 pounds. You are so long and I am convinced that each morning as I lift you out of your crib, you’ve somehow managed to get taller. 
  • You have a huge vocabulary! In addition to all of your previous words you say please, belly button, eyes, nose, bite, uh-oh, wow, big daddy, Donna, Chase, Haley, puppy, cat, stop, berry and bubbles. You still constantly amaze people when you repeat words that don’t believe you’ll be able to say. You also say the sounds for dog, chicken and cat. And you repeat the color words on the iPhone game. 
  • Your hair is growing like crazy and the longer it gets, the curlier it gets :)
  • You are so independent! You feed yourself, play independently and you tell us no-no or stop when you don’t like something. 
  • You love Coco and you especially love sharing your food with her.
  •  A crazy thing happened (this may be TMI) and you’ve actually used the potty a few times lately. We can always count on it in the morning and sometimes during the day you crawl to your potty. I’m not quite ready for you to be this big yet, but your daddy is a HUGE proponent! 
  • Speaking of crawling, that’s still your main mode of transportation. You don’t care too much for walking and haven’t ventured passed a few steps here and there. 
  • You went on your second beach trip this month and absolutely loved the sand and water. 
  • You love your baby and you rock her, hug her and kiss her any chance you get. 
  • You love other babies and children in general you want to love on them all. 
  • You are an excellent dinner partner. We can pretty much go anywhere out to eat and count on you to sit in your high chair and eat and talk to people who are around us. 
  • I think you look more and more like me every day. I do see some of your daddy in you. You have his expressions and his blue eyes but you are identical to my baby pictures! 
  • You started calling me “mommy” and Allen “da-e” 
  • You LOVE being outside! 

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