Project 365: Week 4

Week 4? And I’m still here? It seems this New Years resolution might out last the others. And by the way, Week 4 is how far I made it last year. Yep, just 4 short weeks. Don’t worry, I have every intention of seeing you next week this year.

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Sunday, January 22 (Day 22). Allen took this picture of us before church. He actually took several. This is by far the worst one, it’s blurry and I look 12, but BK? She is smiling so big and I can’t help but smile as I’m typing this, I love how happy she is. 

Monday, January 23 (Day 23). We woke up to horrible thunder and lightening, the wind was blowing and the rain was beating against the windows. We grabbed BK out of her bed and headed for the basement, since April 27 bad weather isn’t taken lightly around here. We turned on the news as soon as we got down there and the man himself, James Spann, was talking about our little town of Childersburg and a possible tornado in our area. It was a scary few minutes but eventually the threat was over and school was delayed 3 hours. The next day I read about 10 confirmed tornadoes, 1 of them being in Childersburg. Thankfully, there was no damage here but it was still scary for us.

Tuesday, January 24 (Day 24). Her spring and summer smocks are starting to come in and I get way too excited about checking the mail every day.

Wednesday, January 25 (Day 25). After church we stopped by my mom and dads house and my Aunt Shelia gave BK a much needed trim. The plus side of depriving your child of candy? You can entice her to do anything with a little sweet stuff. She sat still and didn’t mind at all when we pulled out a candy cane. She didn’t cut much at all, just a little to shape it up and make it a little more manageable. 

Thursday, January 26 (Day 26). Also known as “The Great Closet Clean-Out of 2012″ I worked for hours on my closet and BK loved trying on my clothes. She would put on dresses and look at herself in the mirror saying, “Ohhh, I princess.”

 Friday, January 27 (Day 27). My sweet husband came to rearrange some things in my classroom and BK had the best time coloring and playing with blocks. I was pretty impressed with her “B” that she made.

Saturday, January 28 (Day 28). I worked a little more in the classroom on Saturday while Allen and BK went to watch our nephew, Lawson, play basketball. I was proud of Allen for remembering to take a picture, her she is playing with Bailey.

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    she is so cute! I don’t blame you taking cover in the storm. I Love in Bama as well and the storms were crazy and we aren’t really in the path thanks to the mountain range. I am glad everyone is ok though!

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