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I haven’t done a weekend review or recap of our weekend in a while but to be honest I love posts like this but I know they must be boring for other people to read. What if I promise some cute birthday party pictures at the end? 
Friday we went to eat dinner with my family and Haley’s family to celebrate the exciting news of Chase and Haley’s engagement. I think it’s beyond crazy that my little brother is engaged and I still think of him as the little boy who tried to flush my Barbie dolls down the toilet. Oh yes, that really happened but not without a fair share of provoking I’m sure. They won’t be getting married for a few more years but I thought it would be fun to go out to eat and have cake.
With my favorite girl before we left.

Thanks Publix for coming to the rescue at the last minute and thanks BK for snagging a little icing before I could take the picture.

Chase and Haley at dinner.

The best family photo we could come up with at dinner, I love BK’s fake smile.

 On Saturday night we played a little softball with people from church. It’s really fun and I love that we are hanging out in different ways outside of church too. I mentioned that I’m not good at softball but I have to report that I’m actually getting better. Although, they made a rule that the girls couldn’t strike out which seems cool, right? Wrong. After I had swung at about 7 pitches I was wishing I was out. If you think missing the ball three times and striking out is embarrassing try swinging as many times as I did before I finally came up with a hit only to be thrown out at first. But I’m getting better and that’s all that really matters, right?

After church on Sunday we had Mexican food and then quickly changed and headed to a birthday party for Braylen’s best friend, Kristen.

It was Minnie Mouse themed and they had some of the cutest decorations.

Of course, my child was only interested in snagging some icing from the birthday girl who willingly shared. They really must be best friends to share icing. And I keep saying best friends because that’s what they both say about each other. It really is the sweetest thing.

The party favors included this cute little headband and Minnie Mouse bow. BK was so mad that I put it on her, she just wanted her other bow back.

In other bow related news I taught BK to say “No bow,  no go” to her daddy so he’ll remember to stick a bow in her hair. She means it too, he got her ready on Sunday morning and I heard her on the monitor say “Daddy. No bow, no go.” One of my finer parenting moments if I might say so myself.

Our weekend flew by and I’m hoping these next two days do the same thing. I’m ready to see the beach on Thursday.

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness- I am dying over the no bow no go! I will definitely have to teach that one to Emerson when she is a little bit bigger!

  2. says

    Love the dum dum Mickey! What a great idea for a party! Also, I don’t know if I’m in the minority but documenting and reading the day to day stuff is my favorite thing about blogs!

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