12 days of Christmas: Initial Ornaments


This will wrap up the 12 Days series. Can we talk briefly about the fact that I committed to something and managed to follow through? Huge. I’ve quit diets and workout plans, I even quit my 31 Days series back in October. But I managed to post consecutively for 12 days and complete this series. Maybe this is a sign that I need to make some New Year’s resolutions. Nah, I probably won’t get that crazy on you.

It was a fun series, one I hope to come back to each year. I started this series in a bit of a blogging funk and it has definitely renewed my love for blogging and writing. While it was fun, I’m glad to see it go in some ways. It’s time to post about holiday parties and decor and Christmas Wishlists.

Today, I want to show you a quick and easy craft that looks great on any tree or gifts perfectly for friends.


  • glitter
  • ribbon
  • glass ornaments
  • initial (I cute mine out using the Cricut but you can always pick up a pack of letters from Hobby Lobby and use those instead)

Just add an initial to the outside of a glass ornament, remove the top and pour some glitter into the ornament.

Tie a ribbon on the top for easy hanging and you have a cute and personalized holiday ornament.

Thanks for sticking around for the series!

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  1. says

    those are cute! i make them similarly, but with the “krinkle paper” on the inside instead. i’d prefer glitter, but while i have little hands threatening to break said ornaments and the thought of all the glitter going everywhere, i’ll just stick with the paper for now. once my girls are older (and a little more “trustworthy” – ha!) then we’ll make them with glitter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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