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First, today is my wonderful mother’s birthday! I couldn’t write a post for today without wishing her a very, happy birthday. I hope this is your best year yet, mom. I love you! 

Christmas is coming quickly, I can hardly believe we are less than a week away. I still have a pile of presents to wrap, but is it really Christmas if I’m not wrapping gifts at midnight? Not in this house. I am a fan of stores that wrap as soon as I make the purchase. Like these adorably wrapped gifts for BK’s teachers. Speaking of teachers gifts, you would think choosing them would be simple for me. I finally ended up  choosing a gift certificate for a mani and a cute Christmas ornament from my favorite local store.

And they wrapped the gift for me. Does it get any better than that?

Last weekend, we attended our local Christmas parade. BK figured this parade thing out, quick. She stood back and let Paisley pick up candy and share it with her. She stuffed her pockets full and had the best time.

After the parade, we attempted a quick nap before Reese’s party. The party was the cutest circus-themed party I have ever seen. Brooke did a fantastic job and everyone had so much fun.

BK thought the mustache was the best part. And that adorable circus smock? I scored during the Remember Nguyen sale last month. If you aren’t aware of this great sale, be sure to keep your eye out. You won’t believe the prices.

Lately, I have been obsessed with green tea. It has numerous health benefits and it is a great alternative to my late night coffee drinking and mid-day diet coke habit. I’ve even been drinking it to combat my out of control snacking habits. It makes me feel like I’m doing something great for my body.

We had our Christmas service at church on Sunday evening. BK got a few presents and I had my first glimpse of just how exciting Christmas is going to be this year. I am absolutely giddy about Christmas morning.

I’ve been steadily sending my Christmas cards out, I ended up needing more and they just arrived this yesterday. So, I’ll be sending a few more tomorrow and cutting it extremely close. The way I see it, if you end up with one on December 26th, just think of it as my way of extending the holiday cheer. I’ll be showing you the card tomorrow as I link up with a couple of my favorite bloggers.

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    Love your teacher gifts – so thoughtful and sweet! And can’t wait to hear how Christmas morning with Braylen goes. She is at the perfect age to really start enjoying the season so I am sure you guys will have such a good time!:)

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