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Yesterday, we were all home together. It was my last day before returning to work and I had planned a relaxing time at home, enjoying a lazy New Year’s day. Oh, but Braylen had other intentions.

Call it a rare glimpse of the terrible-two’s or an unruly toddler due to a recent ear infection. Whatever the cause for her uncharacteristic behavior, she ended up losing some of her new toys as a consequence. One by one, I put away some of her favorite toys as I talked with her about making better choices.

After her nap, I sat with her and talked about the choices she made and why it wasn’t okay to act that way.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: You know you have to earn your toys back by being a sweet girl and doing the right thing.

Braylen: Yes, ma’am.

Me: What does that mean?

Braylen: I meed to be reallly patient.

Me: Yes, that’s true, but what does it mean to ‘earn’ your toys back?

Braylen: You have to be careful or you will get burned.

Silence from me. I think I’ve lost her. I think maybe she doesn’t get itΒ after all. So she continues…

Braylen: You use it when you are ironing clothes and you might get burned.

Oh, yes. The iron.Β Clearly there was a communication problem. I was done. Allen was done. We couldn’t keep a straight face to continue this very serious conversation.

Y’all, I know I live in Alabama, but I promise the way I say iron doesn’t sound like earn. My southern accent isn’t nearly that thick.

She certainly keeps us laughing.



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  1. As a fellow southerner, this made me laugh! Lost in translation, huh? πŸ˜‰ We are from South Georgia but live in Middle Georgia (there’s not that much difference!) and some of our friends here are from Atlanta. They do NOT sound southern and we definitely do. We’ve heard from them on more than one occasion that their little girl sounds southern when she speaks after she’s hung out with our oldest. Mee-ulk (milk) is the offense we most often hear about. I love that you “earn” your clothes. Ha! I bet we could come up with a whole list of words others fail to understand because of dialect!
    Lauren recently posted..The In-Betweens.My Profile

  2. Oh my goodness, how funny!

  3. hahaha That’s hilarious! I understand what you mean! And I would probably agree that your accent isn’t too thick, I’m from Mississippi, so I get it lol. Sometimes things come out a lot more southern than we expect! That would have definitely been a hard conversation to continue!
    Heather recently posted..Happy New Year with ResolutionsMy Profile

  4. Hilarious! Oh from the mouths of little ones:)
    Jessica @ The Newly recently posted..No Man’s Land {Goodbye, 2012}.My Profile

  5. Oh my, this gave me a good laugh! The things that come out of 2 year olds mouths.

  6. That is too funny! I hope she got at least one toy back just for being cute and knowing the dangers of an iron. πŸ˜‰
    Heather recently posted..Wednesday RandomsMy Profile

  7. Oh my soul. That is too funny!

  8. HA!! Love it! Living out in these parts you never know what our words will come out sounding like!! Precious conversation!

  9. ha! too cute!
    Andie recently posted..Our Family Christmas 2012My Profile

  10. Lol I love her little dress too! :) I saw you were going to blissdom too and wanted to say hi!

  11. this made me laugh because I know that I also have a southern accent but never thought about the accent in saying things to my child. Too funny though!
    Amber recently posted..Christmas in Alabama {part 1}-picture overloadMy Profile

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