laundry room reveal

We had a great space for a laundry room right off from the kitchen. It has plenty of room and a row of cabinets, a countertop that makes an excellent folding table and a deep sink. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making plans for rooms one-by-one so we can finally get some of these rooms decorated. We’ve been here over a year now, and while I don’t think it all has to be completely decorated right now, I would like to see some progress and move in that direction.

The laundry room seemed like an easy place to start. I knew I wanted to replace the countertop and add a back splash to the cabinetry. Allen installed the granite and added a backsplash in the time it took me to work out at Pure Barre. I could hardly believe the difference a countertop made, it really changed the whole feel of the room.

Here’s a before shot:


And after:


Obviously, I’m a huge fan of granite or any natural stone surface in a home, and that before and after makes it easy to see why. The hardware was a nice addition, too. I pulled from the blue, gray and black in the granite when I chose decor for the room. The room was already painted this very light greenish hue, I’m not a painter, so it stayed that color.

Here another before:


And after:


The blank wall to the left needed a little character, so I picked up a little laundry room art for the wall.



The ironing board holder is incredibly simple to make. Just cut a piece of wood to size, paint it to match trim and attach it to the wall. Add two hooks and you’re finished.


Here’s a look at the opposite wall:



I am so pleased with the way everything came together. Maybe I’ll actually like doing laundry now. Doubtful, but at least I have a new and improved space to sort, wash, and fold.


  • Granite- Blue Pearl
  • Backsplash- Glass tile backsplash from Home Depot with gray grout
  • Clothespin/Laundry Room Art- Hobby Lobby
  • Vinyl lettering: Hobby Lobby
  • Storage Baskets: Home Goods
  • Rug: Home Goods
  • Braylen’s Chore Chart info can be found here
  • Blue drawer pulls- Hobby Lobby
  • Black drawer pulls- Lowe’s
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  1. says

    Hello fellow Alabamian!
    I am glad to find another blogger in my area! I love your laundry room – I just finished my own laundry room makeover and I’m loving it! You had a good set up already but you still managed to transform it! Great job!
    House of Highlands

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