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When BK started Mother’s Day Out this past year, my heart melted each and every time she would bring home something she made at school. Even her chapel coloring sheets were enough to make me want to buy a frame and adorn the playroom walls. As the year pressed on, I became a little overwhelmed at the sheer volume of things she was bringing home. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all of the things that she is making in school, I just don’t have a great place to keep it all. And the thought of throwing it away, well who am I kidding, that was never in my thoughts.

So logically, it stayed in a bag beside our desk until last month. No, really, it was quite the eye sore.

Then, I caught wind of something amazing, Artkive. An app that allows me to take pictures of BK’s artwork and then turn the photos into a book or other memento.
photo 1
It makes keeping up with the precious things she brings home, a little easier. It also archives them in a book, so we’ll be able to treasure them for years to come. The app is incredibly simple to use, just take photos of the artwork (or any special keepsake from school), add a description,  and you’ve created a page. There are options for multiple children, too. So you can keep up with all your littles on the same app.
photo 2
I was pleased when the book came, the quality is fantastic, and once it was in my hands I loved the app even more. Now, when grandparents or friends visit, they can keep up with BK just by flipping through the book. It is an excellent conversation piece and a great way to share some of the pieces I am most proud of. I can’t wait to make one next year and see how much has changed.
Here’s a peek at the inside:

I had quite the time organizing all of the artwork and sorting it out for the book. Now that I know how simple the app is to use, I’ll take photos as she brings things home. So while you have a few more weeks left of summer, I would suggest digging that old artwork out and making yourself an Artkive book. This way you’re ready to start fresh for the new school year and you can stay on top of it as the year progresses. At the end of the year, it will be easy to order the book you’ve been adding things to each day.

And I have some great news from the people at Artkive:

As a special gift to all Life In The Greenhouse readers, you will get a $10 credit towards the purchase of your book when you sign up for a NEW Artkive account.  Here’s how to get the get credit:
1) Install Artkive – available on iTunes and Android
2) Create a new account before 8/12/13
3) For iOS users, go to the Account section in the app and in the Group Code area, type LITG.  Android users should email and put LITG in the subject line.
4) That’s it!  A $10 credit will be added to your account good towards the purchase of your first Artkive book.  Credit will be deducted from your book purchase at check out (credit valid until9/15/13)
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  1. says

    How adorable! Our middle son is quite the artist and I’ve been saving his drawings and projects in a file folder just waiting for the inspiration of what to do with them. Now I have my answer-perfection! Thank you for sharing.
    Melissa recently posted..Camp Heart and SoulMy Profile

  2. says

    This is AWESOME! And – being honest – throwing it away was definitely in my plan. I cannot do clutter. I was planning to keep our absolute favorites and toss the rest. This is a great way to show off many more than I would have kept. And bonus: no guilt when you throw some away. Plus it’s going to hold up WAY better than the construction paper originals. Great find – thanks for sharing!
    Vanessa recently posted..Pinned it, Did itMy Profile

  3. says

    Love this! I’ve been taking pictures of Molly’s daily work and we keep one under bed bin of the absolute favorites. I also frame a few masterpieces. However, the app is the best idea yet! The pics I’ve been taking are on my DSLR and then I have to upload them to the computer and then save them in a specific folder…I’m totally downloading the app for this year and beyond.

    And, I’ll be honest, I’m with Vanessa – I use “file 13″ (aka, the trashcan) more often than I’d like to but holy smokes, I can’t keep all of that stuff they send home!!
    Heidi recently posted..More Cake Musings…My Profile

  4. says

    So glad you posted about this! I actually created an account when you had first Instagrammed (sp?) it so I’m wondering how I can get my credit. I will check into it but the book looks great! I love having something small like that instead of files of papers/projects! How much was the book? OH, and I love that you have 58 notifications! Ha!
    Jenn recently posted..Goodness Sakes Alive! It’s Been FIVE!My Profile

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    This is so cool! I will likely be signing up pronto. I am a keeper for sure, but the piles of papers kill me.

    Speaking of being a keeper, the screenshot of your phone is making my pulse race. How can a type-A person such as yourself (and I mean that lovingly) not have the desire to clear that out? I’m so obsessed. If those little red numbers creep past 10 I start to sweat a tiny bit.

    Haha! Keep spreading the word about cool new tools. StitchFix? My wallet hates you

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