32 weeks

32 weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks
Size of baby: Baby #2 is the size of a large jicama. And if you’re like me and wondering what in the world a jicama is, that’s approaching 4 pounds.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 28 pounds per my last doctors appointment. I only hope that it slows down in these last few weeks, but if not, I keep telling myself that I lost a ton of weight with Braylen and I’ll just do it again. I know, it’s not really that easy, but it’s better than worrying about it all the time.
Maternity Clothes: Pictured above is a maternity maxi dress from Old Navy (super cheap), and a pink cardigan from Gap  (it has been in my closet for years). I’m really just wearing whatever will fit these days.
Gender: It’s a boy!
Movement:  For me and everyone else to see. I still think he moves way more than his big sister.
Sleep: I’m in that lovely phase of waking up at least once, and somewhere between 3:00 and 3:30, I’m pretty much wide awake. So much fun (but, not really).
Cravings:  Eating is not as fun anymore, because I’m seriously running out of space! I try to have a small snack every few hours, instead of eating large meals.
Symptoms: I can pretty much cry on cue. Happy, sad, doesn’t matter.
Best Moment this week:  BK accompanied me to the doctor this week and she was so excited to hear his heart beat. It was seriously the sweetest thing to watch her face light up, she’s going to be a great big sister.
Sometimes she likes to get in on the weekly photo action. Basically, she likes to tell me what to do for the pictures.


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  1. says

    You look beautiful, Jennifer! And don’t worry about the weight gain. You are getting so close the end now, I doubt you will gain much more. You are right on track!:) Loving that picture of you and Braylen. She is definitely going to be a great big sister!
    Jessica recently posted..Insufficient {A Look Back}My Profile

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks! I try to just avoid it, but oh my goodness, I may turn refuse to look at the scales at the next few appointments to avoid any worry 😉

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