a weekend away

It’s  Spring Break for me this week, and we planned a little trip to Chattanooga a few months back. We knew that we wanted to go somewhere, and take BK on vacation one last time before the baby arrives. Our location is perfect, we’re a short drive from the beach or fun cities like Chattanooga and Atlanta. We ultimately chose Chattanooga because it’s only about 2.5 hours away and it boasts of some fantastic attractions for children (and tons of great food).

I’ve been joking with Allen that I need to either plan a vacation or have a baby to actually get to spend any time with him, I think I told you before that his work schedule has been crazy. We left when he got home Friday night around 9:00. The great news? BK slept the entire way, she didn’t wake up until the next morning, nestled in an unfamiliar bed. Her first words? This place is really different, but I do like it! 

We start Saturday morning off with a trip to the Chattanooga zoo.


Map-obsessed BK served as our official tour guide.


She and Allen rode a camel, the great thing about being so pregnant on vacation is that you automatically get to opt out of things like this. I’m always happy to not ride a camel and observe from ground level.


Allen’s brother and his family happened to be in Chattanooga as well, so we met them for lunch at Urban Stack, grabbed cupcakes, and headed to the pool for the rest of the day.


We woke up Sunday to much cooler temperatures and later start times on most attractions. We had planned to take it easy and visit the Creative Discovery Museum, but we were about an hour early. So we walked down to the aquarium and spent the first half of the day in one of the aquarium buildings before eating lunch at Blue Plate. After lunch we saw the rest of the aquarium and watched an IMAX movie.




After the movie, we went back to the hotel for more swimming. Except, I didn’t swim, another pregnancy perk (there is no swim suit in my house that will fit me and I’m certainly not swim suit shopping at this point).


Monday we headed over to the Creative Discovery Museum and spent the majority of our day there, before grabbing something to eat and heading back to swim.

Do you notice a trend here? I could have saved a ton of money and stayed somewhere local with a heated pool. That is all BK wanted to do. Which is completely fine, especially since she was showing off her much improved swimming skills. I couldn’t believe how far she’s come and with a little help from Allen, she was swimming underwater across the shorter end of the pool. I think she’ll be ready to go after another round of lessons this summer.


We headed home on Tuesday morning, but decided to make a quick stop by Ruby Falls on our way out. Of course, BK loved being in a real cave. 


We had a great time and I can’t believe we are so close to welcoming a fourth member into our family. Up until this point, I’ve really felt like this pregnancy has been dragging along, but I’m taking a step back and savor these last few weeks.

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  1. says

    Such sweet photos!
    And I am amazed at BK’s swimming skills. Our oldest turned 4 last month and she is no where near close to swimming that well! My husband was a life guard and taught swimming lessons in high school and college, so we thought maybe we could just have him teach her. Not so much. She doesn’t listen to him at all. This summer we are definitely going to have to enroll her in lessons.

    And I am with you, any excuse to observe and read a book with my feet up – I am there! Glad your mini vacay was a success. :)
    Vanessa recently posted..Trust me, I know what beautiful is.My Profile

  2. Bethany Hutton says

    I think we’re taking Brayden to Chattanooga in May for a birthday/last trip as a family of 3 deal. I’m excited – I think he’ll love it! I definitely need to find a hotel with an indoor pool! :)

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