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I had good intentions to blog each and every day last week. But, you know how that goes. I’m making that my goal again for the week, I just need to get back in a groove and start writing. Finding time is sometimes difficult, but I’m also up way too early to have any real excuses.

  • We’re in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I’ll be 33 weeks on Thursday, which seems crazy but the days are creeping by for me. I think that’ll change in a few weeks, as our calendar gets busier.
  • We have a small getaway planned (with Braylen) over Spring Break. We decided our summer beach going would probably have to wait until mid-Spetember, and I don’t foresee another vacation between now and then. I think it’ll be a good change of scenery for all of us, and I want to give BK one last fun adventure as the only child. On a side note, I can hardly believe that my baby is really not a baby at all anymore!


  • I don’t really know how else to say this, so I’ll just go ahead and come out with it, Allen hates smocks for little boys. Not just smocks, longalls and shortalls, jon-jons and gingham pants. He’s so funny about it that I can’t help but laugh, I brought home a bag full of boy clothes (a local childrens boutique was having a crazy good sale last Saturday), and his first response was, Jenn, those are girls clothes, they just put snaps in the legs to make you think they’re for boys. I think we’ve come to the agreement that baby boy can wear them (within reason, I don’t see myself ever getting away with bubbles for boys, I’ll take that compromise) until he’s potty trained. This is such a win-win for me, can you imagine all the potty training help I’m going to get after making a deal like that?
  • I’m ready for spring weather!! There, I said it. I’ll probably be miserable when the temperatures rise into the triple digits this summer, but spring? Never, ever an issue. There has been way too much snow in our very southern state this year and I’m ready for sunshine and seventy degree days. Snow days be gone (even though they were a lot of fun!)


  • There hasn’t been any real progress in my creative space or the nursery. In the nursery, we’re waiting on a glider that might not arrive until after baby boy arrives. We paid extra to get it sooner, but we had a crazy time ordering, and kept getting different answers regarding production time. It should be here by the end of the month, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.
  • We’ve been wearing out our zoo membership. BK has been anxiously waiting to see the new baby giraffe that was born on New Year’s Day, but it’s always inside when we go, she finally had a peek at him on Saturday and was giddy with excitement. I think she’s told everyone we’ve talked to between Saturday and now about the baby giraffe.


  • I’m beyond ready for Spring Break! The countdown is on and it’s less than two weeks away!!! Hooray!
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  1. says

    My husband is the same way about smocked, longalls, bubbles, you name it. He did let me dress him in these until he was 2 and then he said no more. There was one bubble we put on him before church one Sunday that was red and he thought it was too much in the “shade of pink” and wouldn’t allow it. He is pretty much a Polo shirt and khaki shorts kind of guy!
    Kristen recently posted..Picasso and ParksMy Profile

    • Jennifer says

      Yes!! That’s exactly what Allen thinks he should wear. He’s a baby though, he needs sweet little smocks and longalls. :)

  2. says

    hehe, Jim doesn’t love the smocking and jon-jons and longalls either BUT we kind of have the same deal. James will be 18-ish months this summer and you better believe I bought bubbles for him. There’s nothing cuter than chubby little legs toddling around underneath a sweet bubble. Jim just shakes his head and I know this is the last chance I’ll have. Next summer will be strictly shorts and t-shirts! I have a hard time with the “church” clothes that make them look older than they are. I need my baby to be a baby for a little bit 😉
    Heidi recently posted..{Sweet Parties} Lincoln’s Japanese Inspired First BirthdayMy Profile

    • Jennifer says

      Yes!! Tiny little smocks are precious and they scream “baby” to me. I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for tee’s and shorts or polo’s and khakis.

  3. Audrey says

    I must disagree with you ladies. I’m in the South too, but no longalls/shortalls for my boy. Not only would my husband not allow it, the look is too girly for my taste.

    • Jennifer says

      I find that people either love it or hate it, I’m not going to get away with dressing him too girly, but sweet little smocks in the beginning make me excited 😉

  4. says

    Scott is the same way about longalls, jon-jons, etc. I got away with it until Andrew was about 20 months and then he said no more. I even tried to sneak them in a little bit longer, but he wasn’t having it. So I had to settle for gingham and seersucker shorts with polos in the summer. That was my compromise!

    Now Andrew only wants to wear khaki pants every day. he refuses jeans! ha!
    Andie recently posted..Long Overdue UpdateMy Profile

  5. says

    I know I’m in the crazy minority, but I’m with Allen :) I don’t even like smocks for girls! But SO funny about the potty training haha!
    Kate recently posted..2 1/4My Profile

    • Jennifer says

      Ha! It’s definitely something people either love or hate! We’ll see how long it actually lasts around here, I’m not sure we’ll make it to potty training :)

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