an unfortunate misstep

Yesterday, I had big plans to get up early, before Braylen, while Judson was taking his morning nap (the one I usually sleep through). It was a get back on track kind of morning. I made myself a cup of coffee and set down to the computer to return a few emails and write a blog post or two.

Because I sit like a 7 year old, one foot folded under or criss-cross while I write, my foot has a tendency to fall asleep. I usually just shift to another position and go on about my business. But, I heard Braylen crying over the monitor, and I hurriedly stood up without even thinking about the numbness in my foot. Until I took two steps and heard a pretty nasty sound and I knew that it wasn’t a good sign at all. Immediately, a knot popped up and a little bruise, but it continued to swell pretty quickly.

I called Allen and my mom and relayed the news, I was pretty sure from the look of my foot, and the sound, that it was more than likely broken. Allen came home, my grandmother came over to watch Braylen and Judson, and we made a trip to the emergency room to confirm that it was broken.

More than anything, I was frustrated with myself for letting it happen. But, I didn’t dwell on it too long, that doesn’t help a thing. Plus, it’s just a broken foot and in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal at all.

I’ve laughed at myself a million times in the past 24 hours and learned a few important lessons in the process. For example, it’s entirely possible to take a shower and dry my hair standing on just one foot. The flamingo style is actually working pretty well for me.

Braylen is obsessed with the whole situation. She just wants me to use the crunches 24/7. And she said she hopes she can give me a shot and check my ears later.

I have the best family in the entire world. My sweet nanny has been taking care of Braylen and keeping her entertained. My mom came last night with dinner, Sonic diet Cokes, and my prescription. She stayed and baked cookies with Braylen, cleaned the kitchen, and helped with baths and bedtime. Allen stopped what he was doing to take me to the emergency room and adjusted his schedule today to take me to see the orthopedic doctor. Not to mention the sweet offerings from so many other family and friends. I can’t put into words just how thankful I am for each and every one of them.

Staying in bed all day does have it’s advantages. Like sweet snuggles with Jud, and unlimited book reading.



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  1. alyssa says

    So sorry about your foot! At least you have a positive attitude about it! I always sit like you do and my foot falls asleep, too. Now, I’ll be paying more attention when it does so that I hopefully don’t end up with something broken- we have too many stairs!

    Hope your recovery is quick!

  2. Jennifer Byerly says

    I did the same thing when I was in college! Luckily I only sprained it. I think twice about getting up when my foot is asleep now! Best wishes on a speedy recovery! I am sure Judson will love the extra snuggle time.

  3. says

    I’m so sorry to hear that! :( I get so frustrated with myself when I’m moving too fast or not paying attention to my surroundings and let something happen that I could have personally avoided. Like you though, I have to realize that it just happens and there’s nothing I can do to change it now. Hope you heal up soon! Always a blessing to have family and friends to help during times like this!
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