rufflebutts polka-dot rash guard

Last month, I introduced you to RuffleButts, the adorable clothing brand for children. I highlighted an adorable outfit that Braylen has since worn many times. This month, I’m here to show you another favorite from RuffleButts, their polka dot rash guard.


Let me be honest with you, summertime is my favorite time. Hands down, what other time of year can you stick a plastic pool on the back deck and it promise hours and hours of uninterrupted fun? But, here in the south the sun is almost unbearable some days. I love rash guards because they offer more UV protection. The rash guards are made with UPF50+ UV sun protection.

 And the beach? Well, we love the beach today, which is another reason why rash guards are our favorite choice for swimwear. They protect against the rashes that are caused by sand (and no fun at all for a toddler).

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re super modest as well.


The quality of this piece is fantastic and the ruffle details make it even more adorable. We’re smitten with yet another RuffleButts piece. Both pieces are fully lined and feature ruffles across the back of the bottoms and ruffles along the edges of the sleeves and top.


The best part? The price! It’s only $26.50 and available in several colors on their site.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.15.09 PM

Don’t forget to “like” their Facebook page, because you don’t want to miss the Pop-up Sales that go on daily. Each day at 9:00 AM they have a pop-up sale and the prices are fantastic. Then, at 10:00 PM they give you new products. The pop-up sales offer some serious deals like this adorable button down from last week.

And boy moms? Don’t think I left you out! Not to leave the boys out, they have an equally adorable line for little boys called, Rugged Butts.


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