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October Rewind

Does anyone else sort of feel like October was a blur? I sure do! We packed a good bit into the month, but we still didn’t manage to carve a pumpkin. I did tell Allen that he probably needed to bond with BK over pumpkin carving sometime this week. Kidding.

We start out this month with a trip to Boo at the Zoo, we’re huge fans of the Birmingham Zoo, so we like to attend whatever fun they’re planning. We definitely looked at the radar before the trip, and we actually thought the rain would miss us at the zoo. Wrong. While on the hay ride (that has exactly one spot to turn around) we were stuck in a little thunderstorm. Thunder, lightening, torrential down pour, we were soaked! Thankfully, Allen had stayed covered with baby Jud, and BK had an extra set of clothes in the car. As for me? Well, it was a cold ride home!


We also went on BK’s first field trip this year! Nanny came over and babysat baby Jud, and BK and I hit up the pumpkin patch with her classmates. I rarely get alone time with this girl anymore, so it was a fun time with just the two of us.


We had a fall festival at church and both kiddo’s had the best time!



BK celebrated Farmer’s Day at school last Thursday by dressing up like a farmer and having a fun little class party.


And another party with her dance class. There were 7 Elsa’s at the party. That’s right, seven. I just laughed at the all the Elsa’s, but I know that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Sweet girl was so proud of her Elsa dress with real “sequels” (sequins).



Friday was a big day at our house. Allen decided last minute to throw a Halloween party. He said, “just get some pizzas and make it simple.” Which is crazy, I don’t do simple, however, I will do pizza! I dressed BK and Jud up before the party because I knew things had the potential to get hectic, and I didn’t want to miss a shot of Queen Elsa and Olaf.


I ordered his little hat from Etsy, and embellished a white romper for his costume. Super easy.


Elsa basically serenaded with Frozen songs the entire day and froze everything she came into contact with, including baby Jud.



I failed big time at the party picture taking. We had the party outside and it got dark way quicker than I anticipated. We had about 40 of our friends and family over for the occasion. The kids all went trick or treating on a hay ride, we roasted marshmallows, they painted pumpkins, ate s’mores, and shared lots of laughs.

I’ve never loved Halloween so much. Truly, it was the best day. I loved seeing how excited BK was as she trick or treated from house to house and downed M&M’s in between ringing door bells.

Here’s a little peek of the party (I’m 99% sure this is our new annual tradition):




Hope you all had a fun-filled October as well!


Riffraff Fall Love

I’ve been swooning over the fall arrivals each day over on Riffraff’s website.  I learned pretty early in the game that if I wanted a new arrival, I needed to snatch up quick. They go so fast, and I completely understand because it’s all on point trend-wise and it comes at a price point that won’t wreck the budget.

I was actually wondering if we would even see fall temperatures this year. But, over the weekend, the temperatures dropped and the crisp fall air calls for boots, vests, and flannel shirts. Before the season started, I knew I wanted to embrace the flannel and vests this year.

I was super excited when I saw the front to back flannel and the all for fall vest in mustard, I knew the two would make the perfect pair! (Side note: the vest is currently sold out, but PLEASE sign up for their restock notification. I can’t tell you how many items I’ve signed up for and later received an email about when they were back in stock.)


I don’t have anything like this in my closet, I’m so happy I took a chance with this fall look. I know I’ll be wearing it many times over the next few months.



Next month, I have something exciting from Riffraff to share with you! Hint: You can learn more about it here!

Don’t forget you can always take 10% off with LIFEINTHEGREENHOUSE!



Quick and Easy Halloween Bark

Today, over on Every Day Cheer, I’m sharing a quick and easy idea for Halloween candy. Bag this sweet treat and call it a day!


Freshly Picked Review + Giveaway

I recently had the opportunity to review a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. Let me back up by saying, I saw the story of this company on Shark Tank (we’re huge Shark Tank fans!) and I loved the back story. You can see a great video here. I have a heart for mothers who work hard with passion and creativity and achieve amazing things and realize big dreams. She’s grown her moccasin-making business from the ground-up and amassed quite the collection of fans who adore the product. The quality and craftsmanship are enough to keep anyone coming back for more.


I was over the moon to work with Freshly Picked and bring you a review of their moccasins. Obviously, I felt like I loved this product before it ever reached my door step. But once these shoes were in my hands and on Jud’s feet, I loved them a million times more.


The quality is exceptional and they stay on his feet so well. I’m not a huge fan of baby shoes, I think they tend to be constricting. And if they aren’t constricting, they fall of their little feet. The design of this moccasin makes that a thing of the past. The elastic around the top of the shoes, allows them to go on easy and stay put. The soft sole if perfect for tiny feet.

Freshly Picked moccasins come in a wide variety of assorted colors and patterns. Each pattern and color handpicked and tailored to be on trend for the season. We tried the Denim on Denim (suede leather), I feel like denim is a great neutral and they go with just about every tiny piece of clothing in his closet. He’s getting a ton of wear out of them and compliments and questions about them everywhere we go.


I’m also giving one lucky Instagram user a pair of moccasins in their choice of color. Just head over to my Instagram account (@jenniferggreen) for more info on how to win your own pair!





Judson is 6 months old!

Jud Bud-

6 months? Already?! You’re basically the cutest little baby we’ve ever seen (tied with your sister, of course). You melt us with that big smile that squishes your eyes shut. We adore you, sweet boy. I just told your daddy the other day that my favorite things has to be watching you and your sister play. You love each other so much and it makes me smile so big my face hurts. Seriously. I could watch the two of you for hours, if you ever played for hours. Obviously, neither of you have that kind of attention span. This was right around the time I went back to work with your sister and I am thankful that I won’t have to do that with you. We’re loving our days at home and you’re on such a great schedule, I actually get a load of laundry done some days.


At six months:
  • Eating- you eat every 3 hours during the day.
  • You’re on a fantastic schedule during the day- a long nap in the morning and early afternoon and one cat nap before bed. We’ve tried cutting that out, but it doesn’t help you sleep through the night anyway, so we just roll with that evening nap when you want it. You wake up at least twice during the night. Mama is tired!
  • You put yourself to sleep at night and sleep until about 1:00, then your up again about 3 hours later, and for good at 7:30.IMG_1667
  • You’re rolling and scooting (on your tummy) everywhere, and sitting up unassisted.
  • You still love bath time.
  • You still love being outside, moving, the exersaucer, chewing on toys, blowing raspberries, Sophie, soft blankets, and the mamaroo. You go to sleep in your stroller so easily, especially when we go on long walks.


  • You babble and “talk” all of the time. We hear “mama” ALL of the time when your mad and fussy. And I think it totally counts!
  • You want to chew or suck on everything, including your fists and feet.
  • You’re still exclusively nursing.
  • You’ll take your paci if you’re really tired.
  • You still love to be talked to, you’re content to sit and coo and make noises at anyone who stops and says “hi” to you. It’s not hard to get you to smile or laugh.
  • You’re the most ticklish baby I’ve ever met!
  • You weigh around 17 pounds.
  • You wear a size 3 diaper (but not for long) and 9 or 12 month clothes.
  • You’re so long (around 28 inches)!
  • We started Baby Led Weaning a little over a week ago and you’re eating anything you can get your hands on. Squash. avocado, zucchini, bell peppers, cantaloupe, apple slices, cucumbers, bananas, and pancakes have all been hits with you!



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