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38 weeks

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celebrating braylen, zoo style

We had a big weekend celebrating BK’s fourth birthday. When I looked ahead to her birthday, I saw that I had penciled in a “37″ on the Thursday before. Meaning, I would be 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant on the day she would turn 4. I wasn’t sure what we would do, but I was sure that I didn’t want to take on a huge party at the house, even though parties at our house will always be my favorite kind.

In January, we decided on a zoo party and she changed her mind a million times. But, when you’ve already paid a big fat deposit there is no going back. Luckily, she was just fine with that and when things started to come together, and she saw her adorable invitations, she was ecstatic about the zoo party.

Here we are before leaving. I didn’t think we would get a picture of the three of us together (and we didn’t), and this is the best I could do before the party.


This birthday girl proudly held up four fingers for the photos.


We started off inside a party room at the zoo, and they didn’t waste any time pulling out the animals. BK wasn’t so sure about the snake, but after she saw all of her friends touch him, she was on board. They also brought out a feret and let’s just say, I don’t think she’ll be asking for one anytime soon.


We loved celebrating with so many of her sweet friends.


The best part about the zoo party is that they literally do everything. I only brought safari hats as party favors and the zoo did the rest, from cake to clean up. After cake and ice cream we were first in line for the carousel and the train ride, and then everyone could enjoy the zoo for the rest of the day. She and her friends had the best time, but she was still up for stopping by Chick-fil-a with Brayden on the way back home.





On Sunday, she woke up to a room full of balloons and a cinnamon roll with four candles and we sang Happy Birthday to the new four year old. She was smiling all morning, and her smile only grew when she saw her net trampoline (she’s been asking for one for months) in the back yard.

We quickly got dressed for church where she was sure to tell everyone that it was her birthday.

After church, we had a little party at our house with family and a few friends. It was small, I didn’t have to do much at all and I fed everyone pizza. Remember how I’m 37 weeks pregnant? Plus, they didn’t seem to mind the pizza. We stayed true to the zoo theme at our little party. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.








BK was elated to be sung to a third time.



And she spent a good bit of time serenading us with the Frozen soundtrack on her new karaoke machine.


We seriously had the best weekend, my feet were so swollen by the end of both days, but it was all worth it. Now, the real countdown to baby begins, we have less than two weeks until we meet our baby boy. His big sister could not be more excited about his upcoming arrival!

A big thank to Kristin for the adorable printables.


today, you are four

**this post should have went live yesterday, but in all the haste of  the birthday, I never even checked to see if posted. I’ll have a birthday party recap tomorrow**

my Braylen,

Today you woke up a four year old. Try as I might, I can’t wrap my head around this new age for you. Four!

That’s roughly 1,460 days since we welcomed you into our hearts and lives with much joy and anticipation.

You are smart, BK. So very smart. You know all of your letters and sounds, recognize some of your sight words, love to read books and add numbers. You are so curious about letters and sounds and learning to spell words. You write your name like a pro and you want to write everyone else’s name, too! You’re good at memorizing books and retelling stories. You make your kindergarten-teaching-mama very proud.

I can’t wait to see you be a great big sister to your baby brother. You love him so much already. I don’t think you quite know what’s coming, you’re just excited to get to feed and hold a new baby. I have no doubt that it will take some adjusting, but that you’ll fall into that role with ease. I think you two will be the best of friends one day.

You have the sweetest heart, the best smile, and the most contagious laugh. You are incredibly content and your love for life is evident as your eyes light up over the smallest of treasures like tiny purple flowers that grow in our yard and rocks you find on the sidewalk. You are collector of random things, they become your treasures, like flowers and leaves, but most mostly rocks.

In your third year we’ve watched you grow taller, your eyes have turned from blue to green, your curls aren’t quite as a tight as they fall somewhere past your shoulders these days. You traveled to the beach several times, to Disney World, to Atlanta, to Chattanooga. You are a great travel companion, and my right hand girl. You know where all the good stores are like Hobby Lobby and Starbucks, and you’ll eat Mexican with us any day of the week. You started dance class, and I love seeing you decked out in pink each week. You love seeing your friends and twirling in circles.

You are a social butterfly. From the beginning, you always have been. I don’t know that it will ever change. You quickly take center stage anywhere we go, chat with anyone we meet (or even people that we haven’t met), and you want to know everyone’s name. You love princesses and shoes, but most of all, you love my jewelry and shoes.

You are so inquisitive, you have a question for everything. Nothing is ever left unknown to you, if you wonder about something, you quickly ask someone what it means. You are full of energy, only crashing at bedtime. When you wake up, you’re full speed ahead for the entire day. Still and quiet are rare for you, on the rare occasion you want to snuggle or fall asleep in my lap, I treasure that time more than you know.

You are such a good and perfect gift from God and I can’t even remember what it was like before you, but I know that life is better because of you. Your daddy and I love you more than the world, or as you like to say to the moon and back. 


spring style with riffraff

I’m back with another Riffraff post, to share a few of my favorite tops I’ve recently acquired from my favorite clothing site. They’re here just in time for spring and just in time for me to transition from maternity to non-maternity wear. But, let’s be honest, I’ve been wearing non-maternity from Riffraff nearly this entire time. The best part about that? I still get to wear the flowy tops after the baby comes. I just won’t fill them out quite as much.

I need to preface this by saying, my in-house photographer (that would be my husband, who plays that role) and I haven’t been able to coordinate a time. So you get a nice closet mirror selfie. Just go with it, our schedules will be lighter next month and you’ll actually get real photos.

First up, the Piko three-quarter sleeve top in Carribean Blue. Recently, Riffraff restocked their Piko’s in the most fun spring colors. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to snag a few before they sold out. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can sign up for their restock notification and they’ll alert you via email when they come back in stock. Just be ready, those Piko’s are super comfy and they go fast!


Continuing with the Piko trend, I also snagged the short sleeve version (probably my favorite version so far) in yellow.


I told y’all last month that I was going to get this top, and it didn’t disappoint! The Royal Acquaintance top in royal blue is definitely one of my favorite things hanging in my closet right now. The color is perfect and I can’t wait to pair it with white jeans or shorts very soon!


You didn’t think I’d give you a Riffraff post without a little accessory action, did you?

I also ordered this Set Apart necklace in mint. At only $14, can you really blame me? It’s going to be the perfect replacement for those bauble necklaces I loved so much last spring.

So, go now! Check out the new arrivals (they’re always 15% off the first day) and let me know what’s on your Riffraff wish list for spring!

Be sure to follow the #riffrafflove hashtag across social media and use the code “lifeinthegreenhouse” for 10% off your purchase!

ordinary mary’s extraordinary deed

I received the book Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed in the mail a few weeks ago and I’ve read it aloud to BK more times than I can count. It’s one of her new favorite bedtime books and I love it too, because the message is perfect for my almost four year old.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 5.26.17 AM

You see, I’m a huge believer that kindness is key. Key to everything we do in life. It is the deciding factor in relationships, it has the power to change lives, it is one of the ultimate tests of someone character. At the same time, I don’t think that kindness is something I can necessarily teach my child. It’s something that I have to show and do, it has to be a part of who I am to become a part of who she is, and that’s an overwhelming task at times.

Which is one reason I love this book so much. In the book, ordinary Mary, an ordinary child, with an ordinary life decides to pick blueberries (ordinary, of course) for her neighbor. Her neighbor bakes muffins with the blueberries and sets off a chain reaction. The book shows that one act of kindness by any of us (big or small) can make a difference to everyone in the world when it is paid forward. I love that the book shows how a simple act of kindness can change the world. How it can spread from person to person, making everyone’s day a little brighter. Everyone in the book used the resources they had to help other people, to show kindness to other people.

And that kindness? Well, it made all the difference. As BK’s fascination with this book grew, I knew it was the perfect time to let her kindness shine through an ordinary act, just like Mary. We thought long and hard about what we might do, about who we might help, and she kept going back to baking cookies for her daddy. After a little thought, we decided that we would bake cookies for everyone at Allen’s business. She was so excited as she talked about everyone who works for Allen and she wanted to be sure everyone would get cookies.  We packaged them up with a sweet note, and sent them with him to work. She’s been talking about it for days now, so we decided to brainstorm and come up with a few other things we could do to spread kindness, like Mary did in the book.



She’s obsessed with gum ball machines, and decided that she should leave a quarter in the machines for other kids. So simple, yet so perfect. I love that she thought of it all on her own, that’s what it’s really all about, watching her learn and grow, watching the lessons that we instill come back is such a full circle moment as a parent. It just took a little encouragement and example, and a perfect lesson from this sweet book.

 I encourage you to check out the posts below and see how others a spreading kindness after reading Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. 

wednesday thoughts

I’m up a few hours later than normal writing this post and having a cup of decaf (why do I even bother?) coffee. I have a doctors appointment this morning, so I have a sub for the first half of the day. I’m thinking I could get used to this leisurely morning thing. What better thing for a lazy Wednesday morning than a lazy post full of random thoughts?

  • Tomorrow marks 37 weeks for me. It’s a little surreal at this point, especially since I won’t go very far past 39 weeks this time. We have a c-section scheduled and on the books and I thought that might lessen my stress a bit, but it only makes me a little more anxious. I debated about taking a few days off before the c-section, and eventually decided to go for it to have a little time at home with Braylen before the new baby arrives. I am so thankful that I did, next week will be my last week to work and I’m counting down the days.
  • BK is obsessed with snow cones lately and I don’t mind one bit. I’m always secretly hoping she’ll ask for one when we drive past the snow cone stand.unnamed-9
  • Baby boy almost has a fully decorated nursery. If I can decide on a rug and get a few more things on the walls, we’ll be set. And if that doesn’t happen in the next two weeks? We’ll still be set. He’ll never know if we finish after his arrival.
  • We have a special birthday this weekend. BK turns 4! I can hardly believe that she’ll be four, but this is the best age, so far. Yes, I’ve said that at every stage! We’ll celebrate with a birthday party at the zoo on Saturday and a party for family at our house on Sunday (her actual birthday). I’m excited for a weekend of celebrating our sweet girl.


  • Speaking of birthdays, Allen picked up a new bike for her on Monday evening. He takes her to MDO on Tuesday and Thursday, so you can imagine her surprise when she spotted her birthday present in his truck on Tuesday morning. They both tell me the conversation went something like this:
    • BK: “Dad! You got me that big girl bike!”
    • Allen:  ”No, that’s just a picture of a bike.”
    • BK: “A picture of a bike on a box? Because there’s a bike in the box?”
    • Allen: “Can you just act surprised on your birthday?”
    • BK: “Well, if you don’t want people to see their presents you have to wrap them up with wrapping paper.”


  • In my head, I think I’m going to have tons of time after this baby arrives to watch DVR’ed shows and catch up on new series via NetFlix. Don’t ruin this for me, let me live in bliss for a little while even if my thinking is way off. I have The Good Wife on my list, but what other shows should I add? If it helps, Scandal and Grey’s are the only two other things I watch currently.
  • Or books? Maybe I’ll actually read a book or two. Any good recommendations? I just finished The Antelope in the Living Room. 
  • Oh, and this happened yesterday too.


Well, I’m off to my weekly appointment, and we all know how fun those are! Hope you have a happy Wednesday!