Judson is 16 months + a catch-up!

Y’all! I haven’t written a post about our best boy since his first birthday. I keep thinking, I should go back and update the blog on Jud, but I thought instead, we would move forward from here. And I’ll catch you up on the past few months, too!

I can’t tell you what a joy Judson is, he completes our family in ways I never imagined we needed. Let’s recap what he’s been up since I left you hanging at the 12 month post.

At ONE year…

You visited Disney World for the first time! We left the bottles at home and switched to a cup full-on at Disney. Go big or go home, right? I thought we would have enough distraction, that you wouldn’t even notice the missing bottle and I was right on, a few whiney mornings and we said bye-bye to the ba-ba. You were scared of the characters, you like sticking close to mom in crowds, so much different than big sister, and I secretly love you clinging to me.


At 13 months…

You learned to love summertime, the boat, the lake, the pool. You are one happy boy in the sunshine.  You started walking and developed some serious stranger anxiety. Your third tooth started peeking through on the bottom. You stayed in a size 12 months and a size 4 diaper, and weighed around 21 pounds.


At 14 months…

Instead of walking, you decided it would be better to run everywhere. We started laughing as you would get carried away and your little body couldn’t keep up with your fast legs. You love to play in the playroom, your content to go and do your own thing, and continued to be glued to my side. Your fourth tooth started to poke through on the bottom.

You started taking one good nap during the day and it is pure bliss! You are so happy when you wake up.



At 15 months…

Your two top and bottom molars started to come in and you were not happy at all! You started to dislike some of your favorite foods in favor of fruits and carbs, but by the end of the month you weren’t throwing your vegetables away so quickly. Your favorite fruit remains a banana and you would eat the entire bunch if we would let you. We discovered that the reflux you have been battling is caused from a lactose intolerance and we’ve had no spit up incidences since switching you to a lactose free milk. You took your second beach trip and absolutely hated the sand, but you were content to hang out and nap by the pool.


At 16 months…

And here we are, 16 months. You say so many words and you try so hard to tell us things. You’ll spout out a string of words that we can barely recognize, right on the cusp of some real language development and we love watching you figure it all out. The stranger anxiety seems to be subsiding some, it left when those four molars finally came through, so it probably had a little to do with both. You love being outside and hanging out with Braylen, and playing with Coco.

You still wear a size 4 diaper and 12 month clothes, although some 18 month clothes fit you now.

You’re quick to let us know how you feel about things, but extremely patient when it comes to figuring things out on your own. Every time I see you patiently putting things together and building with your blocks, I say a little prayer that you’ll be just like you daddy.

You still take one long nap around lunchtime (sometimes a three hour nap). You go to sleep around 7:30 and sleep until I wake you up at 7:00 the next morning. For a while, you hated staying at the gym, but you’ve since decided it isn’t too bad.

You weigh around 23 pounds, long and lean like your sister.


You aren’t so sure about Braylen being away and you call for during the day, especially while you are playing by yourself.

And of course, mommy is still your very favorite. Hands down.


the kitchen, 2.0

It looks like the big kitchen project is really falling into place. The painter comes on Friday, the beautiful slabs of carrera are waiting at Allen’s shop, the tile backsplash is hanging out in the garage, we have appliances coming this week.

Let’s talk about this kitchen redo, a few of the things will stay the same. I refuse to let go of the Vanilla Bean glaze on the cabinets in exchange for stark white. I thought I’d take you through the process and let you see the changes we are making. I feel like it’s going to look completely different, and I am giddy with excitement.


 The biggest change will be the countertops. We’re exchanging the Tropic Brown granite for Carrera Blanco marble. The marble was a huge victory for me, I’ve only been professing my love for white marble to Allen since we were dating. He’s only been telling me no since the first time I asked. Never one to give up on what I love, here we ten years later and my very own marble slabs are just waiting for their new home.


The backsplash is going to go as well. We’ll be switching it our for a gray glazed porcelain tile in a herringbone pattern. We’ll be switching the sink for a farmhouse sink and a new faucet. And the walls will get a fresh coat of paint that matches the paint throughout most of our house.

As far as appliances, we’re replacing the cooktop, but everything else will remain the same.

Of course, the desk area is going to go, and we’ll be adding two new appliances, an ice maker and a wine refrigerator. I mentioned this before, but the desk just isn’t useful to us at all. It is a glorified clutter catcher, and I’m ready to add some function to that space.


I put together a little inspiration board. You can see the colors and the feel I’m going for by looking at the board. We’re slated to put it all in place on our anniversary weekend, I can’t wait to share the progress!

kitchen redesign



Spreading Cheer All Year

One of our favorite things to do in our house is to send love to our friends and family. Picking up little gifts here and there and sending them the old-fashioned way, through the mail, is one way we love to spread a little cheer and show the ones we love, just how loved they are.

We love sending themed boxes for baby showers or holidays and we just recreated these Fourth of July boxes earlier this month and sent them again to a few of our friends. Here’s an example of our Fourth of July box, but it’s just to get your creative wheels turning, you can create a box for any occasion. 

We just find a few holiday favorites and throw them in a box to add a little fun to holidays. And who doesn’t love good ol’ snail mail?

You can create these boxes without breaking the bank, we just pick up things at the local Target and they always have plenty of themed items and make it easy to create a box for any occasion. 

Here’s a good example of the contents of the Fourth of July box, just switch them out for any holiday or occasions and you have happiness boxed up for anyone you love! 

We packaged up the boxes up and took them to the post office and Braylen was giddy with excitement thinking about her friends receiving their package. She also loves helping me pick things out and packaging them up before shipping the boxes off near and far.

So put this down on your list for the next Fourth, it’s a great way to share patriotic fun and spread a little love.  And next up, we’ll be sending Back to School boxes to a few little friends starting kindergarten this year. 

Here’s what we plan to include in those boxes:

  • The Kissing Hand book
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
  • A notebook
  • Sunglasses (with a note about their bright future)
  • Favorite snacks
  • A water bottle with a vinyl monogram

While I think it’s important to teach my children how to love others well, I also think it’s important that they understand the importance of loving and caring for themselves as well. We don’t rush things like bedtime routines, letting them take the time to properly brush their teeth. We also take plenty of time in the mornings, careful not to rush, and to take time to get ready and create healthy habits to keep our mouths clean and happy.

In the same way we focus on taking time for others in a fun way, we focus on taking care of ourselves in a fun way. We don’t want them to feel that things like brushing and flossing their teeth are chores.

We know that sugar is around us every day and is basically impossible to avoid, so we have fun treats from time to time. We make sure to teach that proper brushing and flossing allows us to be able to have these treats, especially when using Aquafresh® toothpaste  with Sugar Acid Protection from fluoride. Since sugar reacts with bacteria in your mouth to produce acids that can dissolve minerals from the surface of your teeth and cause cavities, it’s important to protect your teeth.

The summer is notorious for barbecues and tasty food, and it’s easy to forget that sugar is hiding in many of our sauces and that even hot dogs contain sugar. Aquafresh Sugar Acid Protection from fluoride makes Aquafresh® toothpaste a no-brainer for us. Even the hidden sugars in our favorite foods, can’t escape the amazing protection Aquafresh® toothpaste provides.

It’s easy to put my trust in a brand that delivers protection and still allows us to have fun and enjoy the holidays without worry! Visit Aquafresh on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @AquafreshUS for more tips.

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