Easter Weekend Recap

We started off our weekend by dying eggs on Friday night. My mom, Chase and Haley came over for the occasion. Of course, Braylen was thrilled to see a … [Continue Reading]


38 weeks

How Far Along: 38 weeks,  5 days Size of baby: Baby #2 is the size of a leek Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm not looking at the scale at this point, but … [Continue Reading]


5 on Friday

I'm linking up with the 5 on Friday crew today! I'm looking forward to a very special Easter weekend with my family. I love the reminder Easter … [Continue Reading]


Changing Table Organization

I haven't quite finished the nursery. Allen painted the monogram for above the changing table last night, I ordered a rug yesterday (nothing like … [Continue Reading]


37 weeks

How Far Along: 37 weeks, I feel like these post are a little deceiving, I'll actually be 38 weeks tomorrow, and because I'm having a repeat csection, … [Continue Reading]


Easter Weekend Recap

We started off our weekend by dying eggs on Friday night. My mom, Chase and Haley came over for the occasion. Of course, Braylen was thrilled to see a few of her favorite people. We had to run a few errands and grocery shop that day, I told Braylen we were having pasta, but she said Chase really wants hot dogs, dad can grill them for us. I didn’t argue. I just bought the stuff and had Allen grill, less mess in the kitchen for me.


BK loved the egg dying part. I knew there was a huge potential for mess, so I just put an old towel down on the counter and let her have some fun.


The next day we woke up bright and early to tackle a few things on our to-do lists. Mine were mostly inside, Allen’s outside. You can guess where BK spent most of her day. She worked for hours with her tiny shovel, meticulously placing mulch in perfect circles around the trees. I laughed each time I looked out the window.


Later that afternoon, we all headed to the church Easter egg hunt. BK was super excited to hunt for eggs and it was fun to just let her go and hunt.


The Easter bunny stopped by on Sunday morning. She had a million questions about the Easter bunny the night before. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: We need to empty out your Easter basket and leave it on the table for the Easter bunny to come.

B: An Easter bunny? Like the bunnies in our yard?

Me: Sure, like those bunnies.

B: Well, those bunnies don’t have hands, they can’t come in my house and bring my stuff. The live in the woods.

Me: Oh, well do you remember the Easter bunny we saw when we were shopping.

B: Yeah, but I think that was just a person dressed up.

Me: Okay, why don’t we just leave your basket on the table and see if you get an Easter surprise in the morning.



I thought there would be a ton of questions the next morning, but she was too distracted by her chocolate bunny, to which she declared, the only thing I ever wanted. 


We all put on new Easter clothes (except me, I wore a dress from the last time I was pregnant with Braylen, because I flat out refused to buy a dress I would wear one time) and headed to church.


After church, we hosted Easter at our house. The house was full of family and friends, and more food than we could eat. Of course, there was egg-hunting and plenty of prize eggs to be found.


Easter has been a huge event on our calendar since we found out about baby #2. It would mark the last weekend before baby, it would mark the last holiday as a family of three, it already means so much, but to see this milestone come and go was a little surreal.

This week has been much anticipated for the past nine months. I can’t believe we’re here!

38 weeks


How Far Along: 38 weeks,  5 days
Size of baby: Baby #2 is the size of a leek
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’m not looking at the scale at this point, but I’m still calling a 40 pound weight gain, maybe a few more or less. I might look on Wednesday, at my final appointment, but until then I’ll just live in bliss and eat breakfast casserole all day long.
Maternity Clothes: I have a few more things than I really ever intended (or wanted) to purchase. It makes me crazy that I’ve worn them each once or twice and then won’t wear them anymore. Pictured above, lace top and navy cardigan from Destination Maternity, same AG skinny jeans that I’ve been wearing for months.
Gender: It’s a boy!!
Movement: Yes, all the time. I’m convinced he moves much more than his big sister did.
Sleep: Only interrupted by leg cramps, the bananas aren’t even cutting it these days.
Cravings:  Mainly, ice and ice cold water. Food isn’t as appealing, especially later in the day.
Symptoms: Lovely swollen feet by the end of the day, no progress per my last appointment.
Best Moment this week: Our last holiday as a family of three! We had the best Easter weekend, we hosted both of our families at the house and went to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. I couldn’t help but think about how different things are going to be next year at Easter. We’ll have an almost one-year-old in the mix. It’s almost surreal to think about.
And because I just love this picture…

5 on Friday

I’m linking up with the 5 on Friday crew today! I’m looking forward to a very special Easter weekend with my family. I love the reminder Easter weekend brings, and I am thankful for the ultimate sacrifice each and every day, but it’s nice to take a weekend to celebrate the resurrection. I hope you all have a weekend filled with love and appreciation, and surrounded by your precious families, too.

ONE: Maternity Leave- My maternity leave started a bit early. Apparently Fifth Disease is going around at my school, at my appointment on Wednesday I mentioned it to my doctor who went ahead and ran a few tests, just to be safe. Turns out, I’ve never had Fifth Disease, which makes it slightly more risky. Instead of starting my maternity leave on Monday, I started it on Wednesday. I did take care of a few last minute things at school, but as of Thursday morning, I’m officially home for the rest of the school year. It’s crazy and surreal and bittersweet all at the same time.
TWO: Dance!- Last night, BK had dance photos taken. She dressed in her adorable tap costume, and oh my goodness, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She has a recital in early June and I can’t wait to see her little class dance. Honestly, I wasn’t so sure she loved dance in the beginning. She was always willing to get ready and go, but she mainly just wanted to see her friends. After Christmas, she suddenly became more interested. I catch her practicing her dance in front of the mirror in my closet and it makes me smile. Thursday nights have quickly become her favorite nights of the week. There’s an even more adorable pink panther costume that I’m kicking myself for not changing her into, but at 38 weeks pregnant, in a hot and crowded studio, I waved the white flag. One costume is enough!


THREE: Birthday Parties- Speaking of dance, Braylen and Sophie have become great friends while taking dance together. Their birthdays are only one day apart and we celebrated them on the same day. It was big fun as we hopped from one party to the next. Sophie’s party was at the dance studio and it was adorable. The girls had so much fun! 


FOUR: Sixth Sense?- I almost feel like BK has a sixth sense about this new baby thing. Like she knows it’s somehow going to change life as she knows it, and it will, but it’s so strange to me that she has been acting so differently lately. I can’t get far away from her, she is extremely clingy and so very loving. Honestly? I love it. I spend extra time in her bed each night after our bedtime routine and prayers, and I’m sure to stop whatever I’m doing and soak it all in. I’m over the moon excited about adding another baby to the mix, but I don’t want to ever forget these special moments with her as our only baby. 


Nesting! Nesting is a real thing, y’all! I wanted to clean out the attic at 9:30 on Sunday night. Thankfully, my husband has a little more sense than me, took one good look at my feet and cancelled those attic cleaning plans. So, I spent the evening writing thank-you notes, because is there ever really time to sit down? Not at 38 weeks pregnant, that’s for sure. I can officially say the diaper bag is packed, the nursery is almost ready, and my bags are as packed as they can be, aside from all things that can’t be packed until the day of delivery.



Changing Table Organization

I haven’t quite finished the nursery. Allen painted the monogram for above the changing table last night, I ordered a rug yesterday (nothing like waiting until the last minute), and I’ll still need to order a canvas for a big blank spot above the chest once we have newborn photos taken.

There has been huge progress, we just aren’t to the completed stage just yet. One thing that is complete and ready to go is the changing table.

I asked Allen to make a few organizers for the drawers, quickly sketched what I wanted them to look like, and he came back with this.


You can make your own drawer organizer for any drawer using this tutorial. 

In the first drawer, I stashed all of the lotions, diaper rash creams, and anything essential for maintaining that baby soft skin. The second drawer includes all things grooming related, nail files and hair brushes and extra diapers stashed in the back. The third drawer is perfect for paci’s, nasal aspirators, socks and mittens. Everything that I might need is right at my fingertips, and there is even room to store extra things.


I ordered storage baskets for the bottom shelves from Pottery Barn Kids, they turned out to be a great fit for the changing table and a welcome addition for storing other useful baby items. In the bigger baskets I added swaddle blankets, hooded towels, and bibs and burp cloths.


The two smaller baskets store extra crib sheets and swaddles and sleep sacks.


I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have this little area organized. It’s one more thing I can check off my to-do list and won’t have to worry about once the baby arrives.

Now I’m off to pack a diaper bag and clean out Braylen’s closet. Let the nesting continue!

37 weeks

How Far Along: 37 weeks, I feel like these post are a little deceiving, I’ll actually be 38 weeks tomorrow, and because I’m having a repeat csection, I’m trying to get to 39 and 1 day, instead of 40. So d-day is closer than it appears by the number of weeks in the title of this post!
Size of baby: Baby #2 is the size of a swiss chard.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Somewhere between 35-40 pounds. I’m going to go ahead and call a 40 pound weight gain. Which is insane, I realize. I’ve lost it (plus 10 more) once and with a ton of hard work found myself in much better shape than I was pre-pregnancy (and I was one of those rare people who found with a lot of hard work, I could not only get my body back, but I could get a better body back, many thanks to Pure Barre). So while that number is high, I’m really not ready to stress just yet, it comes off like it goes on, slow and steady.
Maternity Clothes: In the picture above, shirt is from Forever 21 from last summer, navy cardigan from Destination Maternity and my favorite AG skinny jean maternity pants.
Gender: It’s a boy!!
Movement: Yes! He’s still quite the mover, he loves to keep me up at night with his movements.
Sleep: I’m waking up a few times thanks to the lovely leg cramps, then around 3:30 I’m wide awake.
Cravings:  I drink a ton of water, but I’m just not hungry all of the time like I’ve been in previous weeks.
Symptoms: Swollen feet, still! Also, low iron per my last doctors appointment. Also, I’m doing the weekly appointment thing and so far we’ve seen absolutely no progress. Which isn’t too surprising, it makes me think that c-section was a great choice, because we’re in the same situation we were last time.
Best Moment this week:  Celebrating my best girl this weekend for her birthday. We had the best time and I’m actually glad it ended up being so close to the new baby’s arrival. She was able to soak in a ton of attention.