balloon topiary, DIY

I’ve been promising this post since BK’s Rainbow Party. And while I can’t promise, it’s the best DIY you’ve ever seen, I think it will be good enough to get you a yard full of balloon topiaries at your next party.   Here’s what you’ll need: conduit (we used 8 foot sections, I think they […]

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

I know you’ve probably seen tassle garland all over Pinterest lately. Actually, I’ve been seeing it for awhile, but I was never quite brave enough to take the plunge. But, my mom and I love a good project, and we thought this might be a fun one to spend some time in the craft room […]

Create Your Own Bag Toppers using PicMonkey

Halloween is approaching fast and it hit me during dance class on Tuesday night that I needed a quick treat for the Halloween party. Usually when I post these tutorials, I get a lot who has time for that? I’m here to tell you, this is super quick and easy. Best of all? It’s free! That’s right, […]

DIY calendar

For the past few weeks, we’ve spent most of our free time (which less face it, it’s pretty much nonexistent) putting the finishing touches on my office work space downstairs. I don’t actually know whether to call it an office or a craft room. It’s really a little of both. As we finish projects, I’ll […]

make your own flower box

I’ve had the cutest DIY flower box sitting on my dining room table for over a year now. Every time I look at it I make a mental note to blog about the process. Well, the day has finally come. With Allen’s help, I’m going to show you how to make this quick and easy […]

Easter Egg Garland on Every Day Cheer

I’m sharing a fun and easy Easter project on Every Day Cheer today. Follow this link to check it out!

2013 Christmas Round-Up

Last year, I had so much fun with the 12 Days Of Christmas series. I love creating and cooking, especially around the holidays. Another 12 days series isn’t in the cards for this year, things are busy and I’m lucky to get a blog post up these days, it’s just a busy season around here. […]

DIY drawer organizers

I know I’ve expressed my deep love for organization on here before. It’s a real, legitimate love that makes my heart all sorts of happy. On the flip side, the opposite of organization, (would that be chaos?) is enough to make me crazy. I’m a straight lines person, everything in a place, in neat little […]

DIY toddler chore chart

I’ve been toying with the idea of a chore chart for BK for a few months. She’s only three, but I have to give her credit, she’s smart and completely capable of a little responsibility. Of course, the chore chart is actually another chore for me, it’s not like I’m sending her off with a […]

DIY creaseless hair ties

I’m a bit obsessed with those cute creaseless hair ties that you see everywhere. I usually keep one on my wrist so that I can throw my hair into a ponytail at any given time. They make a nice addition to my afternoon workouts, too. I can take my hair down afterwards without the worry […]

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