a space to create

When we moved into this house, I handed the basement over to Allen. We had an unfinished basement in our previous home and he turned it into a man caveWhich turned out to be more like a Saturday football watching party cave. He also has tons and tons of tools, like a ridiculous amount of things that I couldn’t name or tell you their purpose. I never complain, those tools always manage to get my projects completed. He set up a workshop in the unfinished part of the basement and used it since we moved into this house.

But, there’s a finished room and bathroom in the basement, too. It stored boxes of things that I didn’t find a place for when we moved in, craft stuff, home decor, an old kitchen table, an oversized chair. It was a huge mess of things, to say the least. During the summer, I had this great idea to turn the room into a craft suite/office for me. I was tired of pulling out crafting stuff and wrapping paper, making huge messes on our dining room table, only to messily shove the things back into a box to tuck away in some upstairs closet.

And I can never find anything I need, which results in me purchasing duplicates. We won’t talk about the number of hot glue guns I own.

Here’s what I’m envisioning, a large work table in the center of the room. I love the idea of clean, white cabinets and white marble countertops. I want it to be somewhere I want to be, calm and relaxing.

At the same time, I need the space to be completely functional, I love everything about the room below. In addition to the work table in the middle of the room, we’ll be taking the entire length of the back wall in the room for built-in cabinets and a desk area. The wall space is large and we’ll be adding peg board to the walls (framed in crown molding) for better organization.

So where are we at this point? The walls are painted, I chose Icy Teal from Behr. We also chose to stain the concrete on the floor. The room originally had carpet, but I liked the idea of tile better, Allen convinced me to do the stained concrete and I love the way it turned out.

I think the floor will give the room a dramatic contrast once the light built-in’s and white marble is in place.
Here’s a peek at what we have so far, the walls are painted, the floor is ready and the cabinetry is in process. It’s my goal to have it completely finished before the new baby arrives. Not too much to ask, right?
I see tons of projects with this sweet girl in the future!


Nursery Inspiration and Progress

Last week, we started the task of putting together a nursery for a our newest addition. When we purchased this house I quickly went to work decorating and making it into our home. I knew exactly which room would belong to Braylen, the bonus room was spacious and perfect for a playroom, the third bedroom became a guest bedroom, but the fourth remained empty. For nearly a year and a half it has remained unclaimed. I knew that it would one day become a nursery and it makes my heart skip a beat to walk by and see the freshly painted walls as the nursery comes to life.

I chose bedding from Carousel Designs and it arrived on Christmas Eve. I had the blue from the bedding matched for the wall color.


This is how the room looked when we moved in, so I decided to keep the bottom neutral and match the trim color and paint the top blue to match the bedding.


It didn’t take long before the pink and green walls were transformed into something a little more fitting for a boy.


The rest of the nursery is coming together nicely. We went with the Kendall crib from Pottery Barn kids, the Kendall chest, and the Ultimate changing table. We’ll fill in the changing table with coordinating baskets from Pottery Barn Kids.

Here’s a look at the inspiration board I’m using for the nursery. There are still a few pieces to be ordered, but I’m so happy with the progress we’ve made so far, I can’t wait to see it come together over the next few months.

a closer look at the ledge shelving and photo wall

…and proof that our home will actually be decorated at some point in the future. Not the near future, but someday.

A few months back, I visited Susannah’s  house and fell in love with her ledge shelving and photo grouping. I have been talking about this project for months. At one point, I even had Allen draw out the dimensions for the arrangement and plan to build the shelving. He’s incredibly handy and he can take on any project I dream up, but I found the shelves at Ikea. Which means they were super cheap, and it didn’t make a ton of sense to build something we could purchase for cheaper. Not when it comes to these type of shelves, at least.


I have the perfect spot going out of our kitchen and into the living room, the wall already has a pretty light fixture and previously housed a few canvases of our family. We moved the canvases in order to make room for this project and  it makes me love this space so much more.



Of course, I’ll have to change out some of those photos once the new addition arrives. I love how this area tells a story, it’s not just art that I picked up at Home Goods to fill this space. It’s our family, my heart, and it makes me smile each time I walk by the grouping.

Here’s a better look at the area in relation to the rest of the house.

I’m not sure that I ever gave you a real home tour, and I probably need to remedy that.


I don’t have an Ikea nearby (I know, a travesty) there is one in Atlanta, but I found them online and it was easier for me to have the things delivered than to make the 2 hour trek. Unfortunately, these items aren’t available on Ikea’s website, I found them on Amazon. I bought from two different stores and I highly recommend each one, within days of ordering they showed up on my front door steps. This grouping consists of two 45″ Ikea Ribba picture ledges in white , 6 9X11 black Ribba Frames (matted to an 8X10), and 6 Ikea Ribba Black Picture Frame matted to 5X7.


laundry room reveal

We had a great space for a laundry room right off from the kitchen. It has plenty of room and a row of cabinets, a countertop that makes an excellent folding table and a deep sink. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making plans for rooms one-by-one so we can finally get some of these rooms decorated. We’ve been here over a year now, and while I don’t think it all has to be completely decorated right now, I would like to see some progress and move in that direction.

The laundry room seemed like an easy place to start. I knew I wanted to replace the countertop and add a back splash to the cabinetry. Allen installed the granite and added a backsplash in the time it took me to work out at Pure Barre. I could hardly believe the difference a countertop made, it really changed the whole feel of the room.

Here’s a before shot:


And after:


Obviously, I’m a huge fan of granite or any natural stone surface in a home, and that before and after makes it easy to see why. The hardware was a nice addition, too. I pulled from the blue, gray and black in the granite when I chose decor for the room. The room was already painted this very light greenish hue, I’m not a painter, so it stayed that color.

Here another before:


And after:


The blank wall to the left needed a little character, so I picked up a little laundry room art for the wall.



The ironing board holder is incredibly simple to make. Just cut a piece of wood to size, paint it to match trim and attach it to the wall. Add two hooks and you’re finished.


Here’s a look at the opposite wall:



I am so pleased with the way everything came together. Maybe I’ll actually like doing laundry now. Doubtful, but at least I have a new and improved space to sort, wash, and fold.


  • Granite- Blue Pearl
  • Backsplash- Glass tile backsplash from Home Depot with gray grout
  • Clothespin/Laundry Room Art- Hobby Lobby
  • Vinyl lettering: Hobby Lobby
  • Storage Baskets: Home Goods
  • Rug: Home Goods
  • Braylen’s Chore Chart info can be found here
  • Blue drawer pulls- Hobby Lobby
  • Black drawer pulls- Lowe’s

mission organization: closet edition

I am a complete nerd when it comes to organization. It just feels so good to open a closet or a drawer and feast my eyes upon nice, neat rows of things. Color-coded, arranged by size, tucked away in labeled bins, is simply blissful. For a while, I think I was fixated on the idea of organization. Like it was somehow this unattainable concept reserved for the pages of Martha Stewart Living. I had to take organization down a notch, pull it off of it’s pedestal, rather than just pinning images without any follow through.

Over the Christmas break, I spent several nights (mornings?) working on the house. I went through every drawer, every room, every closet. Kept what we needed, donated what we could and tossed the things that were no good. You can do a lot if you start when you put your toddler to bed and stay up until around 2:00. It’s like a whole extra day. Obviously, not the most ideal concept but I really needed to purge. I really needed to organize and the only way I could see it happening was to start and follow through.

Now, I can take spaces and really organize them, I don’t have to push the clutter aside, I just have to work with what is already there. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been chipping away at my closet and I finally finished it last weekend. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration and I saw picture after picture of amazingly organized closets, complete with custom-built organizers, shoes neatly displayed behind glass. After an initial wave of closet envy, I did find some surprisingly simple and inexpensive solutions for my favorite room in the house.

I organized the clothes by color rather than season. I tend to forget about things I could layer with during the winter when all of my summer/spring tops are in a different location. I’ve tried it both ways and this is the way that works best for me. I’m a visual person, I need to see it all right in front of me.


Here are a few of my new favorite organizations tips and tricks:

Scarf and Hat Organization- On the back of the door, Allen hung two towel rods. I used the top rod for Allen’s hats and the bottom to organize my scarf collection. Here is the inspiration behind this little project. I liked the idea of them being on a fixed location rather than a clothes hanger or an over-the-door-organizer. IMG_6094

A better look at how the shower curtain hooks are used. The metal version worked great for the hats, but I opted for plastic rings for my scarves. Plus, I saw a few of my favorite stores using the plastic rings to display scarves, I love how nice and neat it makes them look.


Purse Organization- More handy shower curtain hooks used to hang bags and purses from an unused section of closet shelving.


Jewelry Organization- Back during the summer, I posted about this DIY jewelry organization area in my closet.  I want you to know that it has been such a life saver. I wear more jewelry because it’s all displayed and I am able to see the pieces better. It is one of my favorite DIY projects we’ve ever completed.


Utilize all of your space. I used to be hesitant to put things on the top shelves. I can’t reach them and I thought it would be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Let me tell you, putting my shoes up on these shelves has been such a great solution. I don’t feel like the closet is cluttered with shoes and it’s nice to have everything out on display. I don’t forget about my favorites and they are all easily accessible. I just added a small step-ladder to the closet for the hard to reach pairs.



Getting my outfits in order. Every morning I waste so much time choosing an outfit and I leave myself a big mess to clean up that afternoon. I’ve seen cute tags for kids clothing, they slip on the hanger and you can easily determine which outfits will be worn during the week. To remedy my problem, I purchased unfinished wooden door hangers from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them black. I added a chipboard letter to each one and viola, a grown-up set was made. (Allen had to cut an opening in each hanger so it would slip on the closet rack)

I’ll just leave mine hanging on the closet shelf and add my outfit behind each day.



Everything has a place. I thought about each and every item in my closet during this project. Even flip-flops, flats and slippers. I used to organize fabric in this shelf (back when I had to actually sew), but now it’s a perfect spot to organize my shoes.


Overall, it took me much longer than I had anticipated, but I can’t tell you how much better I feel now that it’s all finished. Of course, Allen has the other side of the closet but his side isn’t photo-ready. I could organize his by color and make it look much neater, but I think he likes his the way it is, this is me not trying to control everything and letting him have his own closet space. Baby steps.

I also moved the large mirror from the bedroom into the closet. If you need me, I’ll be hanging out in here.