home tour tuesday: the back deck

I haven’t done a Home Tour Tuesday in sometime, but if I can get my act together, I might just deliver three in a row.

Our house already had an awesome screened-in back porch area, the screened-in porch opens to a larger deck that overlooks our back yard. From the time we moved in, I started talking about turning the area into an outdoor living space. It never really moved up the list of priorities because we always had some other project happening.

I envisioned reading books and sipping my coffee out there in the mornings. Truly, it’s hard to get a man on board with a leisurely area such as this. Let him build a fire pit in the backyard? He’ll stay up until midnight getting it done. Of course! So, then it hit me. Last summer, I changed the verbiage a bit, and started talking about how nice it would be to have an area where we could watch football games in the fall.

And would you believe by the first football game we were all set up and ready to go?

Hook, line, and sinker, friends.

Here’s what we started with. Well, almost what we started with. The screens are out at this point, they had seen their better days, so Allen took them out and replaced them. Also, the wood along the bottom section had already been changed a bit, too. Those boards ran vertical across each section. Some of the boards were warped (not terribly, but enough that I noticed and it bothered me), but I hated the idea of replacing them all,  it seemed like a big waste just to quiet my Type-A mind. Instead, Allen configured them a little differently and we re-used all of the same wood. We also cleaned and re-stained the wood in a darker color.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.29.12 PM

Let’s talk about patio furniture. Honestly, I found this process to be such a huge pain. We originally looked at a few local places to purchase the furniture and we faced a little sticker shock at the price of some of the sectionals we found. Like, double the cost of all of Judson’s nursery furniture combined (and we bought it from Pottery Barn, for crying out loud). Seriously, I took one look at the price tag and said to Allen, There is no way, this is going to be outside. Bugs will crawl on it! Nope. Not happening. 

So we looked to the trusty internet and had plenty of people point me in the direction of Lex Mod. We measured and taped out the area and settled on the Corona 7 Piece Set in Mocha.


In all fairness, the pieces that we were looking at were exceptional quality, super heavy, and in some cases, hand woven. The LexMod furniture is light-weight, but it certainly serves its purpose well. In hindsight, I would still go with this sectional over and over again.



Curtains were my other major request. I went straight to Ikea for these. They’re Merete panels come in the exact length we needed, 2 panels to a set for around $35. We sprayed the grommets at the top with Rustoleom and the actual panels with Scotch Guard (along with the cushions on the sectional). I’ve washed them once and they clean up perfectly.


As far as the curtain rods go, Allen made those (y’all, he’s super awesome). He used conduit  from the hardware store and it really looks fantastic, and it’s super inexpensive.


I decorated the area with bright colors. Rug from Target and pillows from Tuesday morning. I snagged that piece of drift wood from my father-in-law after Judson’s birthday party.


Overall, it was such a fun project and we both agree, we should have done this a long time ago. We put a patio heater out here for chilly days. It’s also the perfect date night at home escape, there’s always time for a movie and popcorn after the little ones are sleeping.


the kitchen, 2.0

It looks like the big kitchen project is really falling into place. The painter comes on Friday, the beautiful slabs of carrera are waiting at Allen’s shop, the tile backsplash is hanging out in the garage, we have appliances coming this week.

Let’s talk about this kitchen redo, a few of the things will stay the same. I refuse to let go of the Vanilla Bean glaze on the cabinets in exchange for stark white. I thought I’d take you through the process and let you see the changes we are making. I feel like it’s going to look completely different, and I am giddy with excitement.


 The biggest change will be the countertops. We’re exchanging the Tropic Brown granite for Carrera Blanco marble. The marble was a huge victory for me, I’ve only been professing my love for white marble to Allen since we were dating. He’s only been telling me no since the first time I asked. Never one to give up on what I love, here we ten years later and my very own marble slabs are just waiting for their new home.


The backsplash is going to go as well. We’ll be switching it our for a gray glazed porcelain tile in a herringbone pattern. We’ll be switching the sink for a farmhouse sink and a new faucet. And the walls will get a fresh coat of paint that matches the paint throughout most of our house.

As far as appliances, we’re replacing the cooktop, but everything else will remain the same.

Of course, the desk area is going to go, and we’ll be adding two new appliances, an ice maker and a wine refrigerator. I mentioned this before, but the desk just isn’t useful to us at all. It is a glorified clutter catcher, and I’m ready to add some function to that space.


I put together a little inspiration board. You can see the colors and the feel I’m going for by looking at the board. We’re slated to put it all in place on our anniversary weekend, I can’t wait to share the progress!

kitchen redesign



Home Tour: Dining Room

I’ve been on a roll lately with house projects. The craft room is basically finished, I just have a few boxes to go through and then I’ll be ready to do a reveal post, and I’m in the middle of turning our screened-in back porch into a cozy outdoor living area. I made a few changes in the dining room over the weekend and decided to call it complete.

The dining room is one of my favorite spaces, even though we don’t use it as much a I would like, but I imagine one day we’ll sit around the dining room table for dinner and clear the dishes for family game night. Or not, but it’s a nice day dream.


The table, chairs, and china cabinet were given to us shortly after we were married. Allen refinished the furniture, I recovered the chairs, and we’ve loved it ever since.




Our china from our wedding fills the top two shelves of the cabinet and the bottom one is filled with fun Mud Pie pieces that I love to use as serving dishes. That’s actually my bouquet from our wedding and framed wedding invitation, and a Mother’s Day hand print from BK, all things I cherish.


I’m not sure why I love this room so much, since we don’t use it often. Maybe because it stays clean most of the time. Or because that table makes the perfect spot for folding laundry.

Either way, I’ll be sure to let you know when my June Cleaver dreams of family dinner time in the dining room come true. Until then, we’ll be eating at the smaller table in the kitchen.


Dining Room Info

Chair Fabric: Hobby Lobby

Paint Color: I wish I knew, we haven’t changed the paint colors since we moved.

Corner Shelf: Home Goods

Canvas: Easy Canvas Prints

Mirror: Hobby Lobby

Flower Box: Tutorial Here