celebrating braylen, zoo style

We had a big weekend celebrating BK’s fourth birthday. When I looked ahead to her birthday, I saw that I had penciled in a “37” on the Thursday before. Meaning, I would be 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant on the day she would turn 4. I wasn’t sure what we would do, but I […]

showering baby boy

I had a beautiful baby shower this past Saturday to celebrate our sweet baby boy. The countdown is on around here, and we’re less than three weeks away from his scheduled arrival date. It seems like a million years in some ways, but I know I’ll blink and be getting my things ready to check […]

Rubber Duck Baby Shower

I actually helped my mother with this shower a few months back, I completely forgot about it until I saw the draft I had written back in May. It was a nice surprise, especially since I was lacking content today. My mother was actually the brains behind this shower, we usually recruit each other to […]

DIY Cupcake Stand

As promised, I’m here to deliver the cupcake stand tutorial. My husband may be a bit of a perfectionist, not when it comes to picking up his dirty cltohes, but building something? Yes. This is unlike what I would do in so many ways. First, he doesn’t use any hot glue.  Second, he uses a saw and other […]

princess party favors

Today, I want to share the adorable princess party favors and one of my favorite places to shop online. If you’re not buying your bows from Polka Dot Posies, I think you might be missing something great (and you might be spending way more money than I do on bows). When BK first came on […]

Braylen’s Perfectly-Pink Princess Party

When I started planning Braylen’s party, I knew without a doubt that she would have a princess birthday party full of pink this year. I’m not sure when her love of all things pink started, but she’s maintained that pink is her favorite color for months. Her love for princesses and fairy tales grows stronger by […]

“doh”n’t you wanna be mine, valentine?

It’s going to be a low-key Valentine’s day for us. I usually scheme up some big-ticket item I absolutely need to coincide with the holiday of love, but this year I didn’t even throw any major hints out there. Not even dinner reservations.  I wonder if this means I’m getting old? I always thought it was […]

Susannah’s “You Are My Sunshine” Sip and See

  This past weekend I co-hosted a “You are My Sunshine” sip and see for Susannah and baby Crue. I used the adorable party theme that Sweet Birdie’s Nest created for a shower that Erin hosted. Erin’s blog post was the inspiration for this shower and she was such a huge help while I was […]

barbeque and burlap {a surprise 50th birthday party}

Several weeks back my father-in-law asked me about planning a surprise birthday party for my mother-in-law’s upcoming 50th birthday. There aren’t many things I’m certain of in life but I know for sure that when someone asks you to plan a party with THEIR money, then you never, ever say no. I quickly got my […]

Bubble Guppies Birthday Party: The Details

I always swore I’d stay away from the character parties, but like most things I thought I’d never do as a mom, I found myself planning a Bubble Guppies party for Braylen’s second birthday. She loves the show, she can name all of the characters and she talks about it non-stop. Plus, I’ll attribute it […]

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