a closer look at the ledge shelving and photo wall

…and proof that our home will actually be decorated at some point in the future. Not the near future, but someday.

A few months back, I visited Susannah’s  house and fell in love with her ledge shelving and photo grouping. I have been talking about this project for months. At one point, I even had Allen draw out the dimensions for the arrangement and plan to build the shelving. He’s incredibly handy and he can take on any project I dream up, but I found the shelves at Ikea. Which means they were super cheap, and it didn’t make a ton of sense to build something we could purchase for cheaper. Not when it comes to these type of shelves, at least.


I have the perfect spot going out of our kitchen and into the living room, the wall already has a pretty light fixture and previously housed a few canvases of our family. We moved the canvases in order to make room for this project and  it makes me love this space so much more.



Of course, I’ll have to change out some of those photos once the new addition arrives. I love how this area tells a story, it’s not just art that I picked up at Home Goods to fill this space. It’s our family, my heart, and it makes me smile each time I walk by the grouping.

Here’s a better look at the area in relation to the rest of the house.

I’m not sure that I ever gave you a real home tour, and I probably need to remedy that.


I don’t have an Ikea nearby (I know, a travesty) there is one in Atlanta, but I found them online and it was easier for me to have the things delivered than to make the 2 hour trek. Unfortunately, these items aren’t available on Ikea’s website, I found them on Amazon. I bought from two different stores and I highly recommend each one, within days of ordering they showed up on my front door steps. This grouping consists of two 45″ Ikea Ribba picture ledges in white , 6 9X11 black Ribba Frames (matted to an 8X10), and 6 Ikea Ribba Black Picture Frame matted to 5X7.


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