time for your check-up

Last Friday, I scheduled an appointment for Braylen and Judson. They were both due for well visits, and I thought it would be easiest to take care of them both on the same day. Allen went with us and it honestly wasn’t too terrible.

They checked her height and weight and hearing and vision, and the doctor did a quick assessment as well. She has stayed consistent in height and weight since birth. She’s in the 25th percentile for weight at 33 pounds and the 75th percentile for height at 41 inches.



Judson weighed in at 13.8 pounds and 24.5 inches, putting him around the 60th percentile in both. BK wasn’t too happy when we told her she had to get shots, but she was a little more at ease once they promised her a popsicle afterwards.


She decided it might be a good idea to hide with the baby until the blanket. Too bad it didn’t work for either of them.


In the end, there were eight shots given between the two of them. Judson started his first round of vaccinations and BK finished up her vaccinations. She won’t need anymore for several years.

She asked for a pancake and sweet tea after it was over, and we treated her to the breakfast of her choice.


As for Judson? He slept most of the day, he was pretty sleepy on Saturday as well, but by Sunday he was back to his happy self.


a grown up summer bucket list, according to Braylen

Last week, BK and I spent a little time making a Summer Bucket List on the kitchen chalkboard. We talked a little about fun things we might like to do and I helped her come up with some ideas.


When we were finished, we had the following conversation:

Braylen: “Are we going to put some things on there for you and dad.”

Me: “No, we’ll just do these fun things with you.”

Braylen: “Well, you should put some things for grown ups to do on the list.”

Me: “Like what?”

Braylen: “Go to Wal-Mart, eat grilled chicken”

Be very jealous my friends, it’s a glamorous life we live, according to Braylen.

dear braylen, believe in fairy tales

Dear sweet daughter of mine,

I hear a good bit of chatter about prince charming and how we should shield little girls like you from this very notion. Sweet girl, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a rebel. I prefer to follow the rules. I think when someone says something, you should listen. But, I’m here to tell you this is the case in which you should make an exception.

There’s a big misconception when it comes to this whole prince charming issue. You see, he isn’t prince charming for all of the things he possesses. The castle, a white horse, those are simply things. And when you read this, I hope I’ve taught you well enough that you’ll understand that things aren’t what make a person. Instead, it’s how he’ll make you feel.

I’m afraid that if we throw out the notion of this whole fairy tale idea, we’ll be teaching you to settle.

Let me be the first to say, don’t settle for anything less than your prince charming. 

The one who will work hard in your marriage. He’ll give it his all alongside you. Sure, you’ll have bumps in the road. You might complain when the trash begins to overflow, he might complain when you blow the budget on a pair of shoes.

The one who will navigate the hardest times with you, the one who will celebrate the sweetest times with you. He’ll let you cry when you’re frustrated, he’ll be your sounding board when you have to make tough decisions, he’ll be the one holding your hand when I’m not there to hold your hand anymore.

The one who will tell you how beautiful you are while your pacing the floor with a newborn baby, with spit up in your hair and dark circles under your eyes. He’ll tell you that dinner is perfect, even when he knows it came from a box. He’ll thank you for dinner, even when you’ve picked up take out. And you’ll believe him. You’ll believe he thinks you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, you’ll believe he’s sincere in his gratitude, you’ll believe he thinks you’re simply amazing. Because you’ll see it in his eyes and you’ll know it’s true.

The one who makes you feel like the most important person in the world. He’ll make you laugh harder than anyone ever has, fight harder than you ever imagined you could, and love deeper than you ever knew possible.

The one who always helps you. He’ll see the exhaustion in your eyes and take over. He’ll work with you to figure things out when you’ve over committed. He’ll be your fixer, even when you don’t know how to fix things. You won’t have to ask him, he’ll give you one look and know when you need help.

Sure, things will be messy sometimes. You’ll have problems that seem overwhelming and difficult. But, you’ll get through them together.

Rest assured, my princess, white horses are overrated and hard to keep clean and castles are far too big to ever feel like home. But, love? Well, true love is enough to make you believe in fairy tales. It’s enough to make you feel like the most beautiful princess. You’ll make a home together, and it’ll be better than any castle you ever imagined. It will be your modern day fairy tale.

I don’t know these things to be true because I read them somewhere or watched them on television. I know because I’m married to my very own prince charming, your daddy.

Don’t you dare settle, my love.


newborn and family photos

A few days after we came home from the hospital we had a newborn session with Candace from CB Photo and Design. I know you usually hear me talk about Brooke, the other half of the team, we’ve been friends for a long time and she’s the only person who has ever photographed our family. Candace has a studio in her house for newborn sessions and Brooke quickly referred me to her when I asked her about newborn photos.

We had such a fantastic experience. It was quick and easy, baby Judson was either snoozing or looking around the whole time. He really is the most content little guy.

Judson was just 5 days old in these pictures. I already feel like he’s growing and changing so much. For Mother’s Day, I told Allen I would just order a few canvases rather than getting a gift. But, I have to tell you that he did clean the house yesterday which is gift in itself.


I wanted just one picture where we were all smiling and looking at the camera, I knew it was a long shot, so you can imagine my joy when I saw this photo. It’s time to update the family photo!


Braylen is pretty smitten with her little brother. She gets a little more comfortable with him every day and is the best big sister and helper. He doesn’t know it now, but one day he’ll realize just how precious it is to have a big sister who loves him so much.



Of course, I adore the photos of Judson, too. So tiny and perfect, I want to pause time and soak up these newborn days indefinitely. He is the sweetest baby, so laid back, maybe he’ll be just like his daddy.




A huge thank-you to Candace for capturing our baby boy and family so perfectly. We will treasure each and every one of these images.

For more photos from this session you can view them on their blog or Facebook.

the first day, a recap

Tuesday marked the first day back to school for BK, she’s moved up to the three-year-old class, and things look a little different this year. We learned at Open House that it would be a little more like school, learning letters and having calendar time, and even bringing home a behavior chart in her daily folder.

When I uploaded these pictures to the computer, I couldn’t believe how much she has grown over the summer. I feel like she must be a foot taller!


Last night we worked on this fun little project. Each of her classmates did one too, and they’ll get to share them at school. She picked out the flower stickers and markers at Wal-Mart, but when it really came down to it, Allen and I were the ones finishing this project.


My hope for this year is that she continues to be the social butterfly we know and love. That she makes new friends, and keeps old friends. That her heart is kind and understanding. That she shares and loves like we know she can. But, most importantly that learning remains fun for her, that her love for school and her excitement each morning never waver.


And because you know I’m a fan of adorable toddler lunches, here’s look at what she took for the first day. That pencil is just a FlatOut foldover cut into the shape of a pencil, with cheddar and provolone melted on top (so that it would stay put), and pink marshmallows as the eraser. You can follow me on Instagram (@jenniferggreen) and check the hashtag #bkslunch to peek inside her lunch box.


And the obligatory comparison picture, I can hardly believe how much she has grown in this short year.




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