All aboard the North Pole Express!

Back during the summer, I purchased tickets for the North Pole Express. I’ve actually missed purchasing the past two years. The tickers sell out quick, I was super excited when I scored a few for the family. Funny thing, I remember thinking I would let Judson hang out with my parents while we went, but he’s so laid back, that we thought he would actually enjoy the ride. And we were right!


BK was thrilled when we arrived at the train station and she figured out what we would be doing. She was a little confused when we were put her in pajamas to leave the house. She kept saying, I can’t think of any place we get to wear our matching pajamas to. 


Christmas through the eyes of children has to be one of the best things. So much wonder and excitement, I just smile the whole time while watching their sweet faces light up during this season. It is so incredibly special.


BK danced with the elves while we were waiting for Santa to come visit. We stopped at the North Pole for enough time for Santa to see everyone on the train. There were pretty lights to look at out the window and plenty of dancing elves to keep everyone entertained.


BK loved getting to chat with Santa again and she informed that she wanted, whatever he wanted to give her or one Barbie doll. Jud was just enamored with the people in red holding him.


We ended the night with hot chocolate and muffins. But, of course, we had to grab dinner on the way home. I hope this is a fun tradition we can continue, and I can’t wait to see Jud up and dancing with his sister next year.

Well, maybe I can wait :)

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

I know you’ve probably seen tassle garland all over Pinterest lately. Actually, I’ve been seeing it for awhile, but I was never quite brave enough to take the plunge. But, my mom and I love a good project, and we thought this might be a fun one to spend some time in the craft room learning how to make. And spend some time we certainly did!

The first set took us a fair amount of time to complete. By the second set, we were much faster and more efficient thanks to a few changes we made during the process. And last week we threw together a third strand rather quick! I know there are a million different tutorials you can find to make this, but I thought it would be helpful to share the method that worked well for us, in case you’re thinking of taking the tassle garland plunge yourself. You totally should, by the way!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • tissue paper in your preferred colors
  • scissors or a rotary cutter (seriously, use the rotary cutter, it’ll make your life easier)
  • twine for hanging (I just pick up random colors from the Target dollar spot)
  • Aleene’s turbo tacky glue
  • straight edge

Fold about 5 sheets of tissue paper in half lengthwise and cut the paper into strips. We used around 1/4″ but here’s where you can experiment, I like it a little smaller because it ends up looking fuller and hanging better for me, but this particular one is around 1/4″ wide.


Lay your strips out in sections. I used about 25 strips for each tassle. I found it easier to twist this way, but you can add more for a fuller look, if you prefer.


Be sure your strips are even and find the middle of the stack. At the middle, start twisting your strips together until it is held together tightly. Continue twisting the paper, be sure you’re twisting evenly on both sides so you’re tassels will be the same length. Continue twisting until you have about 3″ tightly twisted in the middle.


Twist the paper in half to create a small loop at the top. Once you’ve created a loop, continue to twist a few more times. These twists will essentially hold the tassel together. Add a dab of glue and hold the twist firmly until it sets (this only takes a few seconds), then let it dry completely.



Continue this process until you have your desired number of tassels. For reference, I used 4 colors, and made 5 tassels from each color, for a total of 20.


Once they’re dry, you’ll want to fluff your tassels. This seems like a part you might want to skip, but don’t. It really makes a big difference in the way your final products looks. To fluff, just flip the tassel over and separate each piece of tissue paper.

Now you’re ready to string them onto your twine!  You’ll want to trim the ends once the tassels are hanging to make sure they’re all even.


For this particular garland, I added a name. I simply poked a small hole in the letters using a push-pin and strung them together with clear fishing line. I tied each end to the garland to complete the project.

These are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, showers, and even nurseries. I think they are so fun and festive and love to have them hanging in my house for holidays and special occasions. 10847201_880534819590_8941076000239103175_o

Oh What Fun It Is… to WIN $1,000 CASH

Can you believe its almost Christmas? I have a fun little giveaway today to spread a little Christmas cheer and someones getting some cash to shop!

I am teaming up with some of my favorite blogging friends to bring you a fantastic holiday giveaway!

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Christmas Wish List 2014

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I’d like to call this a gift guide, but let’s be honest, so many great bloggers have already put together wonderful lists full of great gift ideas for women. Honestly, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into what everyone else my age and in my demographic might want, but I do know what I want.

If the sky is the limit, and there isn’t a budget, then Santa, this is what I’d like for Christmas. So if any of you see the man himself, or perhaps my husband, please direct his attention here.

I even have photos to make it easy for everyone.



I realize that this is a large order to full fill, but let’s face it, I’d be happy with any of the items on this list.

ONE: Michael Kors Touch Of Glitz Runway Watch – Rose GoldMy Michael Kors watch was hands down my favorite ever, but it sadly bit the dust a few months back, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’ll never be the same. I’ve moved on and my eye is on this pretty rose gold beauty!

TWO: Journaling BibleI love the idea of a journaling bible and my margins aren’t quite large enough for fun doodles and inspirational notes.

THREE: The Skinnytaste CookbookSkinnytaste is one of my favorite sites and I think I would cook everything in this book! She hasn’t let me down yet.

FOUR: Mini Pizza StonesDo y’all even realize how much pizza we eat around here? And we all love something different, these would be perfect for individual pizzas.

FIVE: MacBook- My MacBook has seen it’s better days, and I think an upgrade is due! I don’t know that Allen would agree, but it’s certainly worth a shot!

SIX: Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Saffiano Tote And I don’t think my list would be complete without a good handbag.

What’s on your list this year?



Parties, Santa, and an SEC Championship

We’ve been busy, friends! Sometimes I like to pretend like we’re going to have a slow holiday season, but let’s be real, that never happens around here. In December we are busy, and it’s really okay, because January will slow down, but for now, we’ll enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Last Thursday evening, we had a Christmas party for Allen’s company at our house. You should know that I wrote the party on my calendar for next Thursday. I was a little off, and I figured out my mistake on Tuesday. It gave me just enough time to have Moe’s cater the food and order a cake for dessert. It was tons of fun and I’m fairly certain they weren’t aware that I almost forgot about the party. IMG_2190

We even managed to snag a photo of the four of us.


Friday evening we met up with our neighbors for pizza and did a little shopping. I actually dropped the ball on Christmas outfits this year, so we headed to Gap to find them something coordinating for the Santa photos. BK is never, ever shy about anything, but she decided she wanted to be a little shy around the big guy. She doesn’t really know what she wants for Christmas this year. She just keeps saying, whatever Santa wants to give me. I’m glad she’s not set on a certain item because there’s a massive Barbie doll house in the works. 


Jud wasn’t too sure about Santa holding him, but there were no tears shed, so it was a win for all. And let’s face it, even if he decided to cry a bit, the picture would have been funny.


On Saturday we were headed to do a little Christmas shopping when I said, I would love to be in Atlanta today watching the SEC Championship game. And Allen said, well let’s go, and we did! There’s a lot more to that story. Like how I almost backed out, but he wouldn’t have it. We met my mom and she graciously took BK and Jud for the evening, and headed to Atlanta around 12:30. We’re about 2 1/2 hours away from Atlanta and the game was set to kick off in approximately 2 1/2 hours. I watched the ticket prices drop over the course of the next two hours, and with about 4 minutes to spare, we made it to the game, and somehow ended up on the front row at the Georgia Dome. Allen is definitely the spontaneous one, he’s notorious for calling me on a Friday lunch and saying, let’s go out of town this weekend. I feel like a lot of that changes when you have kids, so it’s fun to be a little spontaneous and remember those carefree days every once in a while.


I felt like we were right in the midst of the action, and I laughed today when a friend of ours sent me these photos from the game. You should know that Allen is a huge Auburn fan. And typically, Alabama and Auburn fans don’t get along too well. I’m a lover, not a fighter, so we do just fine. But, it was huge for him to take me to the game, and super funny that he ended up on under the headline, Alabama fans cheer on the Tide at the SEC Championship game. 


Photo credit


Photo credit

Sunday was back to normal and we headed to two birthday parties after church. BK loves partying it up, she’s a big fan of cake and playing her little heart out with other kids her age. She has the best time! 


And can you believe we finally put this little guy in the big bath tub? I think he’s a fan.



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