Five on Friday

ONE- 21 Day Fix! Are you tired of hearing about this? My type-A personality is in love with the fix! The color-coded containers, the workouts on set days, it’s all so good. I had a few people email about the challenge group and say they want to be in the group, but don’t know if they want […]

Judson is 9 months old!

Another month has come and gone (and almost another, too)! We’re a little behind on this post, but I wanted to finish strong with the last few month, I mean, we’ve come so far already! This month was a whirlwind. I’ve been working on first birthday party plans, and I’m just a little shocked that […]

what’s cooking, BK?

One of our goals for this year is to take BK on a date once a month. Sure, we do things outside of the house, all of the time. Play dates and dance practice, trips to her favorite restaurant or the park. But, we wanted to be sure to carve out some one-on-one dedicated time with our […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside, showering a sweet baby girl

Could party planning be my love language? Seriously. I love, love, love to help throw a party. I love to make a plan and have a vision and see it all come together. It’s my favorite. This past weekend, I helped host a baby shower for a sweet baby girl making her debut in a […]

American Idol: Superstars Made Here

For years, we have watched American Idol at our house. It’s one of our favorite shows to watching from the beginning of the season to the end, and we even have some of our favorite past contestants in our iTunes library. Hello, Carrie Underwood! I can’t believe that the 14th season is underway; that’s a […]

holiday happenings

Let’s forget the fact that some of the events happened nearly a month ago. I’m just getting around to posting about our jam packed December. It started out with a Christmas party for BK’s dance class. We showed up empty handed, no Pinterest worthy goodies, we just ran out of time this year. You should […]

dear little ones, my new year’s resolutions for you

dear little ones, I know you don’t understand, but there is quite the chatter about New Year’s resolutions right now. Many people are resolving to lose weight or exercise more, maybe to quit an unhealthy vice or start something healthy and life-altering. These resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, and while you’re not old […]

Merry Christmas, 2014

I’m a little behind on all things blog-related, but I knew if I wanted to post this while it was fresh on my mind. I don’t want to forget a single detail about this magical today. (I actually wrote this post on Christmas night, but I’m just getting around to putting the photos in). BK […]

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Hi Life in the Green House readers! I’m so thankful to say that after meeting Jennifer a few years ago at a blogging conference and staying in touch off and on that we now work together! It’s so great to have her in my life on a weekly basis and let me tell you, she […]

All aboard the North Pole Express!

Back during the summer, I purchased tickets for the North Pole Express. I’ve actually missed purchasing the past two years. The tickers sell out quick, I was super excited when I scored a few for the family. Funny thing, I remember thinking I would let Judson hang out with my parents while we went, but […]

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