a busy bag for the big sibling

Before Judson was born I put together a Big Sister Bag for Braylen. I wanted her to be occupied in the waiting room and I wanted her to have things to do once she came back to visit. In my head, she wouldn’t really need the bag because she was going to be so excited and enamored by her little brother. Yeah, right. That lasted all of about 20 minutes. I was so thankful to have this bag of some of her favorite things.

I started putting it together a few weeks before he was born, but I didn’t give it to her until the morning we went into the hospital.



And here’s a look at what we included in her bag.




It’s easy to create your own and highly recommend having something like this on hand when you’re welcoming another baby. Especially if your first-born will be spending time at the hospital.


1. Crayons

2. Big Sister Book

3. Disposable Camera- This was such a treat for her, she used up two camera while waiting and meeting the baby for the first time.

4. Lovie for the new baby- I actually let her pick this out and give it to him when she met him.

5. Coloring Book

6. Kid-Friendly Snacks

7. Reusable Stickers

8. Big Sister Bag

4th of July fun

I meant to blog about our holiday weekend yesterday, but things get a little crazy around here during the day. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m still figuring out this whole two kids thing. I’ll also be the first to admit I was ecstatic about a three-day weekend.

I started out my Fourth with a trip to Pure Barre, then we all headed to my grandparents to do a little grilling a lot of swimming. I’m now officially obsessed with coordinating Braylen and Judson in matching outfits. I’m not sure how happy that makes my husband, but he’s a good sport.


Braylen stayed in the pool for most of the day. In the end, we had to bribe her with sparklers and I marshmallow roasting to get her out of the pool.


We laughed so hard at her, because she wanted to jump off the diving board, but she kept making the funniest faces while she was trying to hold her nose and close her mouth at the same time.


She fell asleep as soon as we left and we knew she was tired, so we let her sleep most of the evening. She woke up just in time for fireworks and marshmallow roasting on the back deck with our neighbors. It was the perfect way to end the night.

On Saturday, we continued the festivities at Allen’s parents house. They hosted a Fouth party complete with a shrimp boil, corn hole tournament and fireworks. We had a great time! Maybe I coordinated their outfits one more time, I had to snap a picture to document. (And let me tell you how fun it is trying to get a picture of these two together… I’ll let you use your imagination, it only took about 30 tries to get this one.)


Once again, Braylen fell asleep on the way home, the Fourth certainly wore her out!



Lesson Plan Format

Okay, Instagram friends!  I thought it would be easier to attach the file to a post and let you download it to save me a ton of time :)

If you’re confused, see this Instagram post. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.31.14 AM

Click here——> kindergartenlessonplan

It’ll take you to another page, just click again until it prompts you to download. If you have trouble just shoot me an email jgreen0905@gmail.com and I’ll forward it to you that way :)

ten for tuesday

ONE: Judson is growing like crazy! I can’t believe he’s already 9 weeks old, he’s way bigger than his sister was at 9 weeks. He had to move up to a size 2 diaper and his even outgrowing 3 month clothing.  I forget how quickly babies change and learn new things, he’s reaching for toys and cooing and laughing and we’re just smitten with him.


TWO: We’re a bit obsessed with Friday Night Lights. I think we’re half-way through season four, and we’ve had to stop watching it during the week because it’s so hard to stop after just one episode. We binged watched until late Saturday night, I was needing a little Eric Taylor in my life.

THREE: Nighttime sleeping has been a real doozy this week. Jud wants to wake up around 2:00, go back down around 3:00 and wake up every 30 minutes to an hour after that. I am tired, that’s for sure. I’m doing everything just like Moms On Call says, almost. He’s still sleeping in the Breeze beside our bed. I think tonight is the night to try out the crib.

FOUR: Braylen is the best big sister. She loves her brother so much, and it makes my heart so happy every time I see the two of them interacting. In the beginning, I worried how this transition would affect her, but when I see the two of them together I know that these two will have the most special bond.


FIVE: We booked a beach trip for mid-September! I’m counting down the days. We wanted to wait as long as we could to go and let Jud get a little bigger. Here’s hoping he loves the water as much as his sister does.

SIX: Thank you all for the encouragement about my new job. I’ll admit that in the beginning I was really wondering if this was the right thing. Would I be okay without the interaction? Would I be okay with staying home every day? Slowly, we’ve settled into a routine and I am loving this new normal.

SEVEN: I am beyond ready for a three-day weekend! Who’s with me?

EIGHT: Speaking of the beach, I started going back to Pure Barre yesterday and I’m just as sore as I knew I would be today. I’m not sure that I have a muscle that isn’t aching this morning.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.01.17 AM

NINE: I feel like I’m pretty behind on just about every aspect of life these days. Nothing written in the baby book, thank-you notes are finished but haven’t been mailed, and birth announcements are 90% finished. Two is rocking my world, friends.

TENI haven’t forgot about the questions and answers post. I’m going to answer some in a blog post and the others are going to be part of a new Friday series (starting next week) on the blog! I’m trying to decide if we should go ahead and do a link-up, your readers might be wondering the same things. Thoughts?


my new job

Huge changes are in store for our family come August.

Instead of going back to the classroom, I’ll be taking on a different job.

The class size will be smaller.

The hours will be longer.

I’ll have to take a major pay cut.

My responsibilities during the day will be quite different.

It doesn’t come with insurance or benefits, like most jobs.

But, it has a whole other set of benefits that are priceless.

After much thought and prayer and careful consideration. I did what I knew in my heart I had to do, I decided to take some time off to be a stay at home mom.

My days will be full of these two little people and I couldn’t be happier!


And if you ask me, I think they’re going to be pretty happy about the change, too.

I wrestled with the decision for some time, because teaching is something that I love. I’ll miss the kids and my co-workers dearly. But, I’ve watched Braylen Kate become a four-year-old in what seems overnight. It feels like I’ve blinked and I have a two-month-old. And the reality is, I can always go back and teach, but I can’t always go back and live these precious years again. It’s true what they say, the days are long, but the years are short. 

Honestly, I’m so excited to start this new journey with my family. I’m excited to be home more, to go to Braylen’s class parties and field trips next year, to take her to pre-school every morning. And I can’t thank my hard-working husband enough for making it all happen.

My heart is so full when I think about all this new chapter will hold.



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