my children, this world, and why my heart is breaking

I debated about whether I would even write this post. The last thing you need in your news feed is another article about Jenner or Baltimore or marriage. As the Supreme Court decision came down, or when Caitlyn Jenner was declared a hero, or when the citizens of Baltimore rallied in the streets, I kept […]

friday favorite: nickel and suede

Happy Friday, friends! I have the best jewelry to share with you today from Nickel and Suede I love it for two reasons: 1. It is darling! Seriously, the best colors and trendy designs. 2. It is incredible light-weight! My one complaint about a few of my favorite earrings is the weight, I end up taking […]

weekend recap

It’s been a while since I put together a weekend recap, but we are loving these summer weekends. A few weeks ago, we bought a boat and we have had a blast on the lake. Allen has been trying persuade me that a boat would be a fantastic idea for years. He’s persistent, that’s for […]

Budget Bedroom Makeover

When the seasons change and I put away my cardigans and boots in exchange for shorts and open toe shoes. it gives me the itch to redecorate and revamp our home. There’s just something about the change of a season that makes me want to look at everything in a fresh, new light. Obviously, it isn’t […]

bk’s dance recital 2015

Last Saturday, BK danced in her second dance recital. Before I show you photos from the recital I need to show you her dance photo from this year. It’s pretty much my favorite photo, ever. For tap, they danced to the song Baked A Cake and the photographer asked her to make the face she makes when […]

Get refreshed with Sparkling ICE

With summertime just around the corner, we drink tons of water to beat the heat and humidity that the south has to offer. Of course, water gets boring and I’m always looking for a great tasting alternative. I found my match with Sparkling ICE. It features delicious real fruit flavor and is incredibly refreshing. It also […]

Aquafresh® toothpaste on the go and road trip essentials

Spring is here and with spring comes warm weather and plenty of road trips and family fun on the go. We love traveling as a family, especially when the weather is beautiful and we can visit our favorite place, the beach. This year we’ll be traveling a little further and heading South to Orlando to the […]

disney details

I’ve had a few questions about our trip and I want to try and answer them all in this post. If you have more, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer those in the comments. I do have some more information I want to share about the dining plan, but when I tried to add […]

dear judson, today you are one

dear judson, Today you are one! This past year has been good to us, so very good. One year ago today, I met you and meeting you certainly changed my heart in many ways. I never imagined a love like I would find with you, to be honest, I didn’t know how I would love another […]

in defense of what I didn’t say

Leave some wisdom for the mother to be, write your best advice on the card, read the instructions sitting next to a stack of cards with blank lines that coordinated perfectly with the baby shower. That’s a tall order for such a tiny card. I thought for a minute before writing, Be confident. Be Strong. Trust your […]

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