Empowering Everyday Women/ Vanity Fair

I’m sure all women have heard of Vanity Fair®, it’s one of those amazing companies that have been around for years. And when I say years, I mean more like 100 years.  That’s right, for 100 years women have been looking to the Vanity Fair® brand for undeniable support, lift and a bit of luxury that comes with every piece.

Personally, I think it’s amazing that Vanity Fair® has been relevant to woman everywhere for that many years. But, honestly, it’s no surprise. In a world where woman simply want to look and feel their best, Vanity Fair® is helping every step of the way.

Their product is unmatched in comfort and style, their bras and panties are unmatched in style, on point with seasonal trends and colors, and look smooth and sleek under clothes. Everything a woman could want in undergarments. I know because I’m loving the Vanity Fair Beautifully Smooth Next To Nude bra. The fit is perfect and I don’t even need to wear a smoothing camisole under my shirts. The bra does an excellent job of looking smooth underneath clothes and providing excellent coverage and support.

Next to Nude - 75286-toasted coconut_0132

Not only do they provide a great product to women, they provide a great product with an even bigger message with campaigns like the “Women Who Do™” Campaign. The   “Women Who Do™” Campaign is a powerful and uplifting campaign designed to praise and celebrate everyday triumphs of women everywhere while highlighting the brand’s long-standing commitment to producing quality, luxurious lingerie at an affordable price-point.

Women like me, women like you, women who are out there getting things done, taking charge and doing their very best. This movement is fantastic because the goal is to spark a single movement that will empower women to support each other and do what makes them happy. Ultimately, isn’t that what we all want? To do our best, find our happiness, and celebrate with others while lifting them up in the process!


I watched a great video on Vanity Fair®’s website from Angie Davids, founder of Project 39. She’s making an amazing impact in her community, empowering mothers, and making a difference all because of one single idea. Angie’s message is empowering and beautiful and we all could learn a thing or two from her uplifting attitude. My favorite quote of hers came from the video when she said, In any aspect of your life, you don’t have to do something big, you just have to do something. 

In addition to this program, Vanity Fair® also partners with Dress for Success®, an organization that provides professional attire, career development tools, and a network of support to disadvantaged woman. Vanity Fair® saw a need for intimate apparel and forged a wonderful partnership, providing lingerie to the non-profit organization. Just another way Vanity Fair is providing women with the support they need to be successful. And we all know how important this cause is, as women we perform better when we look and feel our best. It warms my heart to see an organization dedicated to helping women as they dress for success. 

Given the chance, these women could change the world; I’m happy to see a great organization dressing and empowering their success. Just this past July, Vanity Fair® and Dress for Success kicked off the national LiftTOUR, a nationwide bus tour with a prime focus on fit and philanthropy. The tour will travel across the country and conduct bra fittings at major retail locations. For every women fit, Vanity Fair will donate a brand-new bra to the local Dress for Success.

Their uplifting and empowering message will bring our your inner Super Woman, go take a look on their website and see what I mean.

Looking for me inspiration? Check out Vanity Fair® on their various social media platforms by clicking the links below.

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the perfect planner, for me

First, let me start by clarifying a few things. These are solely my opinions based on using both of these planners for an extended period of time (not simultaneously). I paid for the Whitney English Day Designer and the Erin Condren Life Planner (2014-2015) edition. I’m saying that to let you know that this isn’t sponsored in any way.

day designer life planner

I love a planner, more specifically, I love a paper planner! I use it to keep everything together, to make lists, to remember important dates, to schedule our life! I’m not kidding when I say my planner goes with my everywhere, and I use it every single day.

I’ve been a long time Life Planner user. Last year, I ordered my third Life Planner and I’ve been pleased with the product. One of my favorite things about the Life Planner is the weekly view. I love to look at my whole week at once. I feel better about managing my week this way. I also love the vertical layout, it lends itself to list-making (which is what I normally do). I don’t particularly love the way the days are divided, but I just overlook that part and write anywhere I want to in the space.


The Life Planner also has laminated tabs and a full monthly view. I love the fun colors that fill each and every page of the Life Planner.


The organizational space in the back is functional and perfect for things like stamps, invitations, and important documents I need to keep handy. Life Planners always include gift tags (stickers) and mine came personalized and matching my planner this year. The Life Planner comes with a few other extras as well including stickers, a removal perpetual contacts and calendar, spiral paper clips, and a page marker/ruler that snaps into place. Additionally, you can order other coordinating products from the website.


So what do I not like about the Life Planner? It took several weeks for me to get the product. Granted, it shipped by the date indicated, it just seems like such a long time to wait. Their production time is slow, and it has been for all the planners I’ve ordered. I also wish I could customize the daily boxes, instead of morning/day/night I’d definitely like to have one just for a daily random to-do list. I use them for things like that anyway, but it would be nice to customize the boxes to go with how I’m actually using them.

Next up, the Whitney English Day Designer. Allen ordered this for me for Christmas last year and I’ve used it until last month. Like the Erin Condren, it has tabs and a monthly view.


Here’s where things get very different. The Day Designer has a separate page for each day of the week, and one page for Saturday and Sunday. The daily view is actually why I purchased the Day Designer. You can keep up with meal planning, daily to-do’s, and your whole day (broken down by hour) all on one page. There is plenty of room!


As far as extras, the Day Designer has several pages of goal tracking at the front and a pocket inside the front cover for keeping important things handy. The Day Designer also has a neat little band that is connected to the planner to hold it all together.


So what do I not like about the Day Designer? The very thing that drew me to the product, the separate daily pages. For me, it was overkill. Even when I was working, blogging, pregnant, and managing our household and a busy toddler, my life wasn’t busy enough to fill up these pages. Obviously, I could have written daily things that are part of our routine, but it just seems like a waste of time to write the same things every day. Honestly, I didn’t even know what to write in some of those boxes! The pages are also very thin, so I really had to be careful with what I wrote in this planner with, because it would bleed through very easily. The whole planner is black and cream (not white), it lacks color. All in all, I decided I definitely prefer the weekly view, it was hard for me to get a whole picture of our week because it just seemed too spread out for me.


  • Both of the planners are large. The Day Designer is obviously bigger because of the amount of pages needed. Size was not an issue for me and didn’t factor into my decision at all.
  • They are both pretty pricey.
    • Day Designer (including shipping): $72.00
    • Life Planner (including shipping): $64.95
  • They both took several weeks to arrive at my house. Yes, several weeks!

So which one did I ultimately choose?

I’ll be using the Erin Condren Life Planner for the upcoming year. The colors, the extras, the weekly layout, it was all enough to sell me on the product and make me come back for another year of the Life Planner. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the planner for you. Depending on where you are in life and your personal planning preferences, you’ll have to take a look at both and decide which one will fit your needs best.

As far as pens, I don’t know that I’ll ever stray from these Staedtler’s

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.56.01 AM

What about you? What planner do you use?

Labor Day catch-up!

I have an extra set of hands around here today, so I’m actual going to try to get a blog post for each day this week. Lately, I can only make it to Wednesday before falling behind. These days, I have to do things in 30 minute increments (or so it feels).

  • I started another strict round of Whole 30 today. I’ll go ahead and say I plan on eating a couple of cheat meals when we go to the beach in two weeks, but nothing over the top. I thought it would be better to start a strict round of Whole 30, rather than eating what I want to for the next month just because of a beach trip.
  • We went to the lake Sunday evening and had the best time doing nothing. BK especially loves the lake, she things it’s fun to find sea shells. Judson just loves to be outside, and he’s happy the whole time!



  • Jud is rolling over from front to back and back to front. It’s put a real kink in his sleeping, especially nap taking. He rolls around in his crib, gets his arms stuck, gets mad. So naps are shorter and he’s a little more fussy during the day while we figure this whole mobile thing out.
  • I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge while I was recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction, I finally took the plunge and completed the challenge at the lake yesterday. Braylen decided she wanted to take part in the fun, but specifically requested no ice.


  • I’m a lover of fall and spring, the milder seasons, but I can’t bring myself to get hyped for fall just yet. Not until the temperatures decide to come out of the 90′s and not until I see my beloved Gulf Coast. It’s iced coffee, sandals, and shorts around here for at least a few more weeks.
  • But, I am ready for the return of a few of my favorite fall shows! I need a little Olivia Pope in my life.
  • Football season kicked off this past weekend and my husband was especially happy. I’ve been scheming and trying my hardest to get him to let me turn our back porch into an outdoor living area. He finally agreed when I mentioned it would be great for football watching this fall. We’re still waiting on curtains, but I can already tell we’ll be spending a good bit of time out here.


  • Let me tell you about the cutest tennis shoes ever. BK’s school requests that they wear tennis shoes (obviously for safety reasons on the playground), so we found the cutest pair of glittery Puma’s and she wants to wear them everywhere we go!


  • I haven’t read a good book since before Jud was born. I need a few good recommendations for beach reads. Anyone read anything lately (or this year) that they love??

back to school

On Monday night, we went to meet BK’s new teacher. She was a little sad at first when I told her she wouldn’t have the same teacher, but thankfully, she warmed right up to her new teacher and was telling us how excited she was before bed. I’m so impressed with her personality, she thrives in new situations rather than shying away from them. She’s not afraid to go and meet new people, to introduce herself or to make new friends. We love that side of her personality and I think Allen and I both wish we had a little more of that in us.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.48.24 AM

Sidenote: I had my wisdom teeth taken out Thursday and I was actually worried that I would miss “meet the teacher” or the first day of school. Thankfully, it was a fairly quick process and I was ready to get out of the house Monday night. Another note, don’t delay having your wisdom teeth removed they might need to be removed at the most inopportune time. We’re all just thankful it’s over and done!

Yesterday morning, she didn’t want to get out of bed. Isn’t that crazy how that seems to work? If I needed her to sleep-in she would have been up before me. We snapped a quick picture and we were on our way.

bk first day

BK has been going to the same MDO program for three years now, just two days a week for a little more interaction with children her age. While I worked, she stayed home with my Nanny who would come to our house everyday. On the days BK had school, Allen would go in late and Nanny would pick her up and bring her home. Teachers don’t have much flexibility in their schedule. Yesterday, I was reminded just how thankful I am for this season, no matter how crazy our days get, no matter how many times Jud refuses to nap, or BK refuses to listen, I am blessed to be able to spend my days with them. After working and being away for the first few years, it’s something I refuse to take for granted now.

So when BK came home, we baked cookies and had a little time together while Jud talked to his toys in his swing and watched his big sister.


It was a great first day, indeed!

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.48.42 AM

Story Stones on Every Day Cheer

Since all of my teacher friends went back to the classroom last week and I’m missing those kindergarten projects and all the first of the year fun, I’m posting about one of my favorite ways to inspire creativity and imaginative play on Every Day Cheer. Click over to see how I use Story Stones and make a set for your kiddo or class tonight.


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