Inspiring Creativity With Story Stones

I absolutely love anything that inspires a childs creativity and imagination. What better way to inspire a little creativity and imaginative play with your child than through telling stories? I adore listening to my daughter tell me stories. I laugh at the funny parts and my heart loves to get a glimpse into her little […]

festive and fun easter snack for toddlers

I’m a holiday lover, through and through. With each holiday that rolls around, I usually proclaim that it’s my favorite. In reality, I really think Thanksgiving may be the winner, but it’s Easter that holds a close second. The weather changes, we can enjoy being outside again, and the spring colors come out. All is […]

Fill Me In Friday… Teaching Braylen

Each Friday, I’m going to be answering some of your questions from the post I did earlier and giving you a little more insight into how we do things around here. One of the most common questions that came from that posts was about teaching Braylen. Braylen has a really good memory, and she picks […]

Story Stones on Every Day Cheer

Since all of my teacher friends went back to the classroom last week and I’m missing those kindergarten projects and all the first of the year fun, I’m posting about one of my favorite ways to inspire creativity and imaginative play on Every Day Cheer. Click over to see how I use Story Stones and […]

Summer Adventures with Kiwi Crate

A few days ago, I received a fun Kiwi Crate box in the mail. I have heard great things about the company, but I had yet to pull the trigger on another monthly subscription box. When it came I was pleasantly surprised, the box was full of fun and crafty toddler appropriate activities. There are […]

DIY toddler chore chart

I’ve been toying with the idea of a chore chart for BK for a few months. She’s only three, but I have to give her credit, she’s smart and completely capable of a little responsibility. Of course, the chore chart is actually another chore for me, it’s not like I’m sending her off with a […]

top 50 picks for toddler easter baskets

I tend to over think things, I’ll admit that. With Easter, I know that it isn’t important what she gets in her Easter basket. I know that the most important thing is that she understands that reason that we celebrate Easter. At the same time, there is a part of me that lives for these […]

toddler date night jar

    How about Friday’s installment of the Stick It In A Jar series on Monday? This has to be one of my favorite jars that I’ve created. It’s a Date Night Jar for Braylen. We’ve talked about consistent mother/daughter and father/daughter dates for some time now, but actually putting them into play has been […]

“doh”n’t you wanna be mine, valentine?

It’s going to be a low-key Valentine’s day for us. I usually scheme up some big-ticket item I absolutely needΒ to coincide with the holiday of love, but this year I didn’t even throw any major hints out there. Not even dinner reservations. Β I wonder if this means I’m getting old? I always thought it was […]

almost 3? really? already?

I can’t believe BK will be 3 years old in about two months. I’m slightly in denial, but not so much that I haven’t already started planning for her 3rd birthday bash. She is so funny and full of personality. I can hardly believe her quick wit and ability to actually hold a conversation, these […]

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