Lakeside Christmas Party

On Tuesday evening we hosted Allen’s company Christmas party at our house. I love that everyone was able to come together without the constraints of going out to a restaurant to eat. I think Allen took out a calendar and started marking off the dates that people would not be able to attend, when it was all said and done there was one day left open. That was December 11. I thought a Tuesday night might be a bit of a stretch, but I quickly agreed anyway. Thank goodness for my sweet mom and Nanny. They were both here, helping me get things ready the night before and the evening of the party. I couldn’t have pulled it off without the two of them.

I went the snack/party food route and ordered a huge tray of chicken nuggets from everyone’s favorite, Chick-fil-a. Then I made a few of my favorite side dishes to go along with the chicken. Of course, a few dips as well.

We had a great time and played a round of Dirty Santa. It was good to spend time with people I don’t see too often, sometimes our schedules just get too busy. We even hired a sitter to hang out with the kiddo’s upstairs. They had so much fun playing and the adult interaction is always a plus.

Our family in front of the tree. It was just about an act of Congress to get BK to take this picture. She really meeded to get back upstairs and play. 

So maybe I lured her (just a little) with gift-opening :)

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