Summer Adventures with Kiwi Crate

A few days ago, I received a fun Kiwi Crate box in the mail. I have heard great things about the company, but I had yet to pull the trigger on another monthly subscription box. When it came I was pleasantly surprised, the box was full of fun and crafty toddler appropriate activities. There are two main activities in the box, but there are supplemental experiments to go along with each activity. Basically enough fun things to keep your little one busy for hours, fully engaged. My favorite part about the box is that includes everything you need to complete the project, down to an activity mat for coloring to save your countertops. I’ve since received another box that came complete with the tape and scissors required to complete the activity. I love that everything we need is in one box, ready to start as soon as it comes in the mail.



I think it’s safe to say that BK’s favorite activity in this box was the water color sea animals. She loved coloring the animals with markers (we mainly use crayons for the sake of easy clean-up) so the markers were a pleasant surprise for her.


After coloring the animals, we let her spray them with water to watch the colors run. She was giddy with excitement watching the colors change.


IMG_8076I hung them on the chalkboard, it was a nice touch, especially since we haven’t been able to hang new school work all summer.


Kiwi Crate did send me the box to review, but I must tell you that I really love the service. I signed up for a monthly subscription the next day, and we have since received another box that she was just as intrigued by.

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