Judson is 1 month old!


I can’t believe you are one month old! In some ways it feels as if this past month has flown by, but it seems like you’ve been a part of our family for much longer. You fit right in, you are content and we love you so!


We are smitten with your laid back style and the sweet little noises you make. You’ve even started to smile at us when we talk to you. It melts my heart each and every time.

Things are much different with two, but we’re all adjusting quite well. It takes a little more effort to leave the house, but I find that the thought of it is actually more intimidating then actually going somewhere.


Everyone always compliments your skin tone, we aren’t sure where your nice tan color comes from, but it’s fantastic. Your hair is dark and so thick in the back, your hands are big and your fingers are so long, your feet are the same way. Your eyes are the deepest blue, and big like mine and your sisters.

We love everything about you, sweet boy.


At one month:
  • Eating- you eat every 2.5-3 hours during the day. You go down for bed after eating around 9:00, wake up around 2:30 (like clock work), and again at 6:00, you sleep until 9:00 after your 6:00 AM feeding. Then your schedule is consistently eat, play, sleep for the rest of the day.
  • You are so strong, you try so hard to hold your head up and you kick your little legs all the time.
  • You really enjoy bath time. Daddy loves to give you a bath and you are happy until we take you out and dry you off.
  • You love car rides, the mamaroo, rocking in your nursery.
  • You can take or leave the paci, sometimes it soothes you, but you don’t want it for very long.
  • You’re not a fan of tummy time or your play mat.
  • You love to be held and talked to, it calms you down so quickly. You also love the K’tan carrier.
  • I think you weigh between 10 and 11 pounds. We won’t go back until it’s time for your 2 month well visit, so we’ll find out then.
  • You wear a size 1 diaper and 0-3 month clothes.


You look different than your sister did at one month. I know many people think the two of you look a lot alike, but I generally disagree with that observation. You each have similar features, but I can see many differences in the two of you.





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  1. lauren says

    he is so cute! I see some similar features but they each definitely have their own looks :) so precious!

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