dear braylen, believe in fairy tales

Dear sweet daughter of mine,

I hear a good bit of chatter about prince charming and how we should shield little girls like you from this very notion. Sweet girl, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a rebel. I prefer to follow the rules. I think when someone says something, you should listen. But, I’m here to tell you this is the case in which you should make an exception.

There’s a big misconception when it comes to this whole prince charming issue. You see, he isn’t prince charming for all of the things he possesses. The castle, a white horse, those are simply things. And when you read this, I hope I’ve taught you well enough that you’ll understand that things aren’t what make a person. Instead, it’s how he’ll make you feel.

I’m afraid that if we throw out the notion of this whole fairy tale idea, we’ll be teaching you to settle.

Let me be the first to say, don’t settle for anything less than your prince charming. 

The one who will work hard in your marriage. He’ll give it his all alongside you. Sure, you’ll have bumps in the road. You might complain when the trash begins to overflow, he might complain when you blow the budget on a pair of shoes.

The one who will navigate the hardest times with you, the one who will celebrate the sweetest times with you. He’ll let you cry when you’re frustrated, he’ll be your sounding board when you have to make tough decisions, he’ll be the one holding your hand when I’m not there to hold your hand anymore.

The one who will tell you how beautiful you are while your pacing the floor with a newborn baby, with spit up in your hair and dark circles under your eyes. He’ll tell you that dinner is perfect, even when he knows it came from a box. He’ll thank you for dinner, even when you’ve picked up take out. And you’ll believe him. You’ll believe he thinks you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, you’ll believe he’s sincere in his gratitude, you’ll believe he thinks you’re simply amazing. Because you’ll see it in his eyes and you’ll know it’s true.

The one who makes you feel like the most important person in the world. He’ll make you laugh harder than anyone ever has, fight harder than you ever imagined you could, and love deeper than you ever knew possible.

The one who always helps you. He’ll see the exhaustion in your eyes and take over. He’ll work with you to figure things out when you’ve over committed. He’ll be your fixer, even when you don’t know how to fix things. You won’t have to ask him, he’ll give you one look and know when you need help.

Sure, things will be messy sometimes. You’ll have problems that seem overwhelming and difficult. But, you’ll get through them together.

Rest assured, my princess, white horses are overrated and hard to keep clean and castles are far too big to ever feel like home. But, love? Well, true love is enough to make you believe in fairy tales. It’s enough to make you feel like the most beautiful princess. You’ll make a home together, and it’ll be better than any castle you ever imagined. It will be your modern day fairy tale.

I don’t know these things to be true because I read them somewhere or watched them on television. I know because I’m married to my very own prince charming, your daddy.

Don’t you dare settle, my love.


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  1. Mandy M. says

    I’ve been reading here since just before Braylen was born and I feel like I’ve gotten to watch your children grow alongside mine. My son is 2 weeks shy of 4 and my daughter is 6 months. As long as I’ve been reading here, I can say that THIS is my favorite post you’ve ever written. When Violet was born in late November, I was terrified. Fear of the unknown, I guess. Parenting a girl seems so daunting. This is absolutely what I want to teach her, but haven’t been able to put it into words. Love it!

  2. says

    I totally agree!!!

    I am a boy mama to 3 and I want them to be someone’s Prince Charming someday. To cherish her and protect her and love her with all his might. We are striving to teach them now so that someday they can be a dream come true to a girl who has looked for him all her life. What great fairy tales those will be…so dream on for your daughter and your son.
    Melissa recently posted..18 MonthsMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Jennifer,
    I have read your blog for some time. I don’t really comment very often (on any blog). I feel this post was fantastic! With a daughter of my own, I relate to so much of what you have written.

    Amazing post..I hope your little one reads this some day with a true appreciation of being blessed with a wise mommy (I am sure she will).

    Take Care,

  4. says

    Jennifer this is absolutely beautiful and I want my daught to know the exact same thing!! My daughter, the self proclaimed princess of our home already talks about “princes” and shes (7) but I want her to know love is not objects or what money can buy. I think this is something all of us moms of girls what for our beautiful princesses. We also want our sons to be this man!

    I will be sharing this with everyone I know with children! Even though you made me cry the entire post, it was absolutely beautifully written! It’s always such a Pleasure working with you and reading your post.

    Editor for AlabamaWomenBloggers

  5. Bee Isme says

    I love this post. We are expecting our first baby (I’m 5 months along) and it’s a girl! This post is the sweetest thing and I completely agree with everything you said. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks :)

  6. Cheryl L. says

    The tears they started flowing while reading this. Perfection!!! And so, so true…..every mother of a girl should read this!!!

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